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Chiropractic Jobs in the United Kindom

Chiropractic Jobs in the United Kindom

There are around 3,500 chiropractors working in the UK. Chiropractic jobs in London are most common with the highest number of registrations followed by high numbers of chiropractic jobs in major cities such as Birmingham and Manchester. The profession is strictly regulated in the UK by the General Chiropractic Council (GCC) – an independent regulatory body set up by parliament – and they ensure the safety of patients undergoing treatment.

To secure a chiropractic job in the UK a chiropractor must be registered with the GCC to work in the UK – failure to do so is a criminal offence. Practitioners must also abide by the GCC’s code of practice, hold professional indemnity insurance, and pass the necessary competence and criminal record checks.

If you are a Chiropractor outside of the UK and considering securing a Chiropractor job in the United Kingdom we would recommended reading the GCC's guidance for applicants on applying for registration.

You may first have to undertake the GCC's test of competence which you must pass before your application can be considered.

Once registered, registration is renewed annually, and chiropractors are also required to undertake a minimum of 30 hours of Continuing Professional Development per annum in order to complete their annual re-registration.

At Chiro Recruit we understand that GCC registration is vital in ensuring that standards are maintained within the UK’s chiropractic profession, but it does present some difficulties for practices looking to fill job vacancies by hiring practitioners from overseas.

Over the past five years the GCC has processed, on average, 150 new registrations each year. A maximum of 30 jobs are posted each month on the classified pages for the British Chiropractic Association, United Chiropractic Association and Scottish Chiropractic Association – with new jobs far greater than new registrations, the skill shortage is obvious.

So start your job search for chiropractic jobs online in the United Kingdom today on Chiro Recruit.