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Chiropractor salaries vary from city to city in Arizona. Yuma city registers the highest annual salary of $143,630 while Prescott registers the lowest annual salary of $102,679. Generally Arizona State has an average annual salary of $123, is a well-paying job and it takes a lot to qualify for.

How to qualify as a Chiropractor in Arizona

To become a chiropractor in this state, top academics qualifications is a must. An individual must earn a high school diploma with sciences, social studies and mathematics as major courses. One must then graduate from an accredited chiropractic college with a certificate of attainment a (minimum score of 375). The exams are administered by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners. The candidate has to confirm that he understands the state of Law by passing the Arizona jurisprudence exams with a score of 75% and above. A complete criminal background investigation is mandatory thus he must have a good character and reputation. If in any case there is need for disciplinary actions, felony or malfeasance any convictions may delay the licensing processor or ultimately result in license denial. Finally one must be of sane mind and physically able to practice chiropractic skillfully and safely.

To qualify for a license in Chiropractic, individuals must take the yearly Continuing Education which include 12 active hours, 2 of these are set apart to study the states laws and the profession’s code of ethics.

What is the Arizona State Board of Chiropractic Examiners?

This board is the licensing and regulatory board in the State of Arizona. It is charged with protecting the public’s health, welfare and safety by applying laws governing chiropractic practice. Also it caters for the welfare of all chiropractors within the state and even those that wish to practice outside. The board is able to license over 2500 chiropractors to practice in Arizona; the board also receives and investigates complaints against licensed and unlicensed individuals.

Non-physician owned clinics that offer chiropractic services must register as a business entity with the board. AAC R4-7-1401(A) ensures that business entities with expired registration do not use the services of a licensed Doctor of Chiropractor.

In the event of a complaint or a non-disciplinary order about a licensee in the board, the individual must first contact it for further investigations before launching any parallel complaint elsewhere.

Additionally Arizona also has a chiropractic society (ACS) which is a non-profit state association for Arizona chiropractors founded in 1991. The ACS;

  • Enforces critical importance on chiropractic insurance equality laws.
  • Represents the chiropractors profession in the Arizona Legislature
  • Provides information regarding claims and denials, IME’s and other biomechanical issues
  • It ensures changes in health insurance Law and personal injury laws and litigations when needed.

Arizona chiropractors have achieved a lot since 1991 when this board was formed. Since its initial launch, it has enacted four equality Laws, fostered an atmosphere of ‘live and let live’ in the chiropractic community and passed a vastly improved healthcare law.

ACS continues its tradition today by advancing efforts to achieve insurance equality and continuing efforts to reform the chiropractic board.

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