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Chiropractor jobs in Illinois in all its 30 cities and towns are mostly influenced by the level of education and experience. Yearly salaries average between $120,219 and $147,839. The highest paid cities are Oak Park, Cicero, Chicago and the lowest paid is Waukagen.

As a chiropractor, you have two major directions in which you can head. One of them would be starting your own business and treating your own patients (which usually is better-suited for experienced professionals, not for new graduates) or joining a chiropractic institution as a DC.

Salaries for newly qualified chiropractors in the Illinois area start from around $12-$15 an hour, while that of a senior chiropractor is well above the six figures mark.

All things considered, it’s safe to say that Illinois is one of the better states for chiropractors mainly due to these 3 reasons:

- Illinois is not armed with too many rules and regulations to govern the profession therefore a chiropractor can easily become licensed without requiring any state-specific examination.

- The state has an encouraging population which leads to a promise of a wider chiropractic market.

- Has an average salary well over the national average, which is listed at $62,000

How to qualify for chiropractor jobs in Illinois

First off, the candidate must possess all education requirements and their certifications.

Illinois is one of the five states which doesn’t require any tests additional to the National Board of Chiropractic Examiner’s license exam. This immediately makes the idea that becoming a chiropractor and working in Illinois is easier than in other states. In order to become a licensed practitioner in the profession, an applicant must pass all three parts of the NBCE’s tests:

- Part 1 : basic sciences, can be taken after the first year of chiropractic studies

- Part 2 : Clinical Sciences which can be taken in the senior year of chiropractic studies

- Part 3 : written clinical competency exam, which a candidate must take witin 8 months of graduation.

another necessity is the Continuing Education which requires 150 hours every 3 years.

Licensing and disciplinary are conducted by 2 separate boards. the Illinois medical licensing board handles licenses whereas the Illinois medical disciplinary board handles chiropractic regulation and anything involving disciplinary action.

Illinois Medical Licensing Board

IMLB is a 9 member state chiropractic licensing board. The board retains the owner to issue, revoke, retrain or refuse license applications.

A valid license can be used for a maximum of 3 years after which it has to be renewed. The initial license fee is $700 and the renewal fee is $690 for resident chiropractors and $1,380 for non-resident chiropractors.

Every applicant must have a criminal background check and fingerprints taken.

Illinois chiropractic society

ICS is a member association for all students of chiropractic and doctors of the same. The society is a networked community of chiropractors who are concerned with preserving the professions ethics and ensuring that the public receives proper chiropractic care.

It provides a chiropractor directory to all who seek chiropractic care and also gives highlights on various chiropractic job vacancies within Illinois. For more information about the ICS visit them at