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Chiropractor jobs in Kansas salaries vary from city to city with the highest paid city being Kansas City and the lowest being Manhattan.

The average annual salary ranges between $117,386 and $190,447, all salaries do not include benefits and bonuses and are highly influenced by the level of experience. To practice as a chiropractor in Kansas you must meet the following qualifications:

  • Meet the levels of education required to practice as a DC
  • Have a valid chiropractic license
  • Adhere to regular Continuing Education
  • Be of sane mind with no criminal history
  • Willingly abide to the rules of chiropractics and protect its ethics
  • Never administer any drugs or drug prescriptions to a client
  • Never use any form of radioactive material while treating a client
  • Fingerprints must be taken

Licensing and regulation

The Kansas Board of Healing Arts (KBHA) is the body in charge of regulating the profession and issuing the required licenses to practice. It is a board in charge of many professions and on its page you can navigate through the professions panel and choose the Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine option, there you will be directed to the various information you seek, below is the link that will give further clarity

All licenses are renewed yearly and the state of Kansas also requires 50 CE hours before any license applications can be accepted. The body in charge of licensing and regulating is KBHA whereas the body in charge of reviewing and approving all CE course content and determining the hours is Kansas Chiropractic Association (KCA).

The association charges $45 application fee for every CE approval request or $500 yearly fee for 12 months unlimited CE approval requests.

The license fees are:

Initial application fee of $300

Temporary permit fee of $50

License renewal fee of $330

Inactive licenses are renewed at an additional fee of $150

An exempt license applicant pays an extra $150

Kansas Chiropractic Association

KCA was formed in 1911 as an association that promotes, preserves and protects chiropractic in Kansas. It makes Kansas the first state in the U.S to create a chiropractic association and in 1913 Kansas became the first state to regulate chiropractic by creating laws to govern it. The association also acts as an advocate for chiropractic and as a voice for over 1000 chiropractors.

Member benefits of KCA are:

  • Legal representation and advocacy
  • Unlimited access to information surrounding chiropractic both new and old
  • An array of privileges that will guarantee you success in the practice
  • Access to discounted chiropractic education programs
  • Fellowship and networking with over 1000+ chiropractors within the region
  • Identifying with KCA gives a member some level of belonging and premium protection.

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