​Chiropractic jobs in Kentucky

Covington, KY and Louisville, KY are the highest paid cities and Richmond, KY is the lowest paid city. On an average the annual salary package for chiropractors may vary from $121,750 to $134,669. These salary figures are great and it makes the profession quite appealing. So how you can one qualify as a chiropractor in Kentucky cities?

Here is the job profile for a Chiropractor:

  • A Chiropractor is accountable for direction, progression and care of the Chiropractor patients undergoing treatment.
  • Requires Chiropractic degree with professional certification
  • Experience of 5 years is a plus point
  • Should clear the NBT (National Board Test) or certify State Exams to procure a license of a Chiropractor
  • Showcase an extensive level of latitude and creativity

Key qualification criterion to consider

Earning a Bachelor Degree is an important criterion to qualify for a Chiropractor job. However, candidates must complete a minimum of 90 credits of the undergraduate course. Some cities in Kentucky do not need a bachelor’s degree to become a licensed Chiropractor, so an individual ought to confirm with state board where they want to practice.

Candidates having a key offering in biology, physics and chemistry meet the prerequisite criterion for becoming a licensed Chiropractor. Procuring a DC degree from the qualified college is also an important consideration.

Various Chiropractors specialize in the pediatrics, sports injuries and Geriatrics. A few combine the neuropathy with the suitable procedure of Chiropractic to treat back pains and nervous system without using drugs and surgeries.

Who are the Chiropractic Examiners?

The Kentucky State Board of Examiners is mainly the regulatory board which is assigned with authority to issue, to revoke and to reinstate licenses related to chiropractic practice within Kentucky. Practicing chiropractors should do the following things before being issued with a Chiropractic license: The candidate should clear the exam of jurisprudence by paying the nominal amount of $150 application fee. The candidate should also have a complete criminal check of their background. The candidate should also get their fingerprints on record. It is important to pay the license fees which would get ahead by the renewal fees for regular license of $300.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education is an important aspect in procuring the license by different state boards and in Kentucky it is no different. Chiropractors usually attend the workshops and accredited education classes for continuing learning. These classes help them to learn and stay updated with the developments in chiropractic.

All license applicants are expected to attend a minimum of 12 CE hours, 6 of these hours must be obtained within Kentucky and the remaining can be obtained online or from other states. The CE program has to be sponsored by a national or state chartered organization of chiropractors.