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Chiropractor jobs in Maine vary from city to city and from town to town. The highest paid cites are Portland, South Portland and Westbrook with an average yearly salary of $140,320 and the lowest paid are Auburn, Augusta and Lewiston with an average yearly salary of $123,476. To become a chiropractor in Maine you must qualify and the qualifications are as stated below:

  • Must meet the minimum levels of chiropractic education
  • Practice chiropractic with a valid license
  • Attend Continuing Education

Maine Board of Chiropractic Licensure

This is the body in charge of issuing licenses to chiropractors and is also charged with regulating the profession. The board does not regulate any specialty council certification, does not permit the practice of telemedicine, does not issue licenses to carry a malpractice insurance and it also does not hold the power to authorize chiropractors to travel and treat outside the state. MBCL has 6 board members who handle the chiropractic licensing and disciplinary functions.

Conditions for licensing

Application fee of $200

Must be renewed annually by 12/31

Initial license fee of $150 and the license expires on 12/31

Annual license renewal fee of $100

Applicant must attend Continuing Education

Continuing Education requirements

All license applicants must attend 48 hours of CE due every 2 years. 12 of these credit hours should be on clinical courses directly related to chiropractics.

Maine Chiropractic Association

This is a professional organization geared at representing Doctors of Chiropractic in Maine. Its main mission is to preserve, protect, improve and promote the profession and the services offered. MCA also strives to provide leadership in healthcare and a positive vision of stewardship for the future generations. The association furthers its scope of benefits by linking the public with chiropractors, all DC’s whose services are listed on the MCA page are both qualified and certified. For more information on their classified services, contact them at