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In Maryland cities and towns, chiropractic is widely practised as a profession. The highest paid cities are Bethesda and Silver Spring with an average annual salary of $150,680 and the lowest paid is Columbia with an annual average salary of $142,790. This difference showcases a slight margin thus giving us an average annual salary of $140,700 for the entire state. Maryland chiropractors are some of the top paid in the U.S which makes it a better place to practice and earn good cash. To practice chiropractic in Maryland, there are a number of requirements that an individual must fulfil. These requirements are:

  • Must complete the levels of education required, most chiropractors pursue a diploma course or undergraduate degree but a postgraduate degree is a top level that will add extra weight to your portfolio.
  • Practice with a chiropractic license.
  • Pursue Continuing Education.
  • Have a background criminal check.
  • Finger prints must be taken.
  • Abide with the state laws as well as all the rules of chiropractic.
  • Never use radioactive material to treat patients.
  • Never prescribe or administer drugs to the client.

Maryland Board of Chiropractic Examiners

This is the authoritative board responsible for licensing and regulating the chiropractic within the state. The board also issues exams at a fee of $300; these exams are an added accreditation on top of the usual NBCE exams. Prior completion of the NBCE exams graduates cannot sit for board exams. Licenses are renewed biennially on September 1st of each odd numbered year. The MBCE also permits chiropractors to travel and treat their clients outside the state. For more information on this service please contact the board’s Executive Director.

License fees are as follows:

An application fee of $200

An initial license fee of $200

All licenses are renewed at a $700 fee

License by credentials is also available, you need the Maryland jurisprudence exams, SPEC exams and 5 years practice in good standing in order to seek this type of license. Included within the chiropractic license is the physiotherapy endorsement. Applicant must score a minimum of 375 in the NBCE physiotherapy exams. If physiotherapy is added after the original license issue, the applicant is required to pay a non-refundable fee of$50.

Continuing Education

All license renewals require a maximum 48 CE hours per every 2 years. Distance credits are also allowed with 8 hours every 2 years. Out of these 8 hours, the board requires that all applicants take 5 hours for the HIV/ AIDS awareness and risk prevention program. 1 hour is spent on jurisprudence and 3 hours on communicable disease training. Another special course that the applicant must pursue in the CE is the annual CPR certification.

Maryland Chiropractic Association

The MCA is a chiropractic association dedicated in elevating the profession by educating the public on chiropractic care and raising the standard of services given. It is a member association that offers various benefits and bonuses to all its members. For more information about the association, visit them at