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The state has 36 cities and it goes without saying that there are many towns but in all these, the average annual chiropractic salary ranges between $158,264 and $141,888.

The highest paid cities are Arlington, Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Malden, Medford, Newton, Quincy, Revere, Somerville and Waltham, whereas the lowest paid is Fitchburg.

To work as a chiropractor in Massachusetts you must meet the following qualifications:

  • Have the basic chiropractic education and the supporting certifications.
  • Practice with a license
  • Have a criminal background check
  • Practice all and any chiropractic services within a licensed facility
  • Can practice with an optional acupuncture license
  • Pursue Continuing Education

Massachusetts Board of Registration of Chiropractors

This is a 6 member board in charge of regulating and licensing the chiropractic practice within Massachusetts borders. The board issues licenses at a fee as stated below:

Initial/application license fee: $267

License renewal fee: $135 and additional $ for late fee

Facility application fee: $300

Facility license renewal fee: $150

Continuing Education

CE is the spine of any license to practice and the state requires that all chiropractors attend 12 hours CE courses each year. Failure to adhere shall lead to immediate disciplinary action by the MBRC. The board retains the power to waive the CE requirements if an individual submits written proof as to why he/she could not attend the courses. The proof has to be satisfactory enough to pass for consideration. All courses must be approved by the board prior to presentation.

Massachusetts Chiropractic Society

MCS is a non-profit organization that was started for the well being of all chiropractors within the state. It strives to maintain the standard of education, ethics and professional competency necessary to meet chiropractic expectations and demand.

Here is a key breakdown of the top directors: The MCS board of directors is made up of 9 directors, 6 elected members and the immediate past president. The chairman and president of the board manage and conduct all of the board’s meetings. The executive vice president facilitates and coordinated all the MCS activities. The daily affairs of the society are managed by an executive secretary together with a professional staff.

The society’s membership is organized and it trickles down to local societies in all regions. Each local society has its own board of directors to manage and execute the regional affairs.

MCS member benefits

  • Patient referrals
  • Unlimited access to a members only website
  • Elite assistance from the society’s volunteer board of directors
  • Unlimited access to the members only facebook page
  • Discounts on Continuing Education seminars and publications
  • Various news alerts surrounding the profession
  • Access to MCS programs such as billing, Medicare, Medicaid, Blue cross/Blue shield, patients education and HIPAA

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