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Within all 9 of the cities in Minnesota, chiropractor salaries will vary a great deal.

Currently the highest paid cities are; Minneapolis, Minnetonka, Saint Paul and the lowest paid city is Saint Cloud. You can expect an annual average salary to range between $142,045 and $126,324.

Here we detail what you could expect from a chiropractor job position in Minnesota:

How to qualify as a chiropractor

  • Individuals must graduate and have attended a board approved chiropractic school. All applicants must have all the required certifications in order to practice
  • Individuals must practice with a license
  • All individuals much attend continuing education courses

Minnesota Board of Chiropractic Examiners

This is the board in charge of licensing and regulation of chiropractic within the state of Minnesota. The examiners' board have a responsibility to protect the public against poor chiropractic services and must preserve the profession’s ethics.

License registrations and renewals

The board requires that all applicants adhere to primary source verification which comes direct from any institution or school of chiropractic. Another review on credentials will include pre-professional transcripts, professional transcripts, NBCE transcripts. All transcripts must be issued directly from their respective authorities and cannot be given in any manner by the applicant.

Example license fees are as follows:

  • Initial license fees: $250
  • License renewal fees: $200

Some people are exempted from licensure, these include:

  • Students enrolled and attending regular classes from a recognized chiropractic institution or program. Only while practicing under direct supervision of a preceptor
  • Any student who is performing the duties of an intern or continuing his or her training
  • A Doctor of Chiropractic licensed in another state but is in actual consultation within Minnesota
  • Doctor of Chiropractic licensed in another state but is in Minnesota to offer chiropractic care due to an athletic event
  • A person licensed in another state but is a member of or employed by the U.S armed forces, any federal institutions, the veteran administration and the United States Public Health Service.

All licenses must be renewed before 31st December every year. 

Continuing Education

During each year DC’s should attend at least 20 hours CE in subjects which have been approved by the board. 3 of these hours must be on x-ray or imaging related subjects. 2 hours must be used on meridian therapy/acupuncture and 1 hour must be focused on professional boundaries. For more information on the board and what services it offers, please contact them at

Minnesota Chiropractic Association

This is a member association for all chiropractors in Minnesota. The MCA works closely with other state boards to achieve proper regulation of the practice and to ensure that the public receives good chiropractic care. The association also has a set of features aimed at protecting chiropractors and ensuring that they receive their recognition.

Member benefits of Minnesota Chiropractic Association are:

  • Discounts on services
  • Unlimited access to listserv
  • Networked and unified chiropractors
  • Access to members only credit union
  • Access to current and historic chiropractic news
  • Discounted quality educational seminars 

For more information about MCA please visit them at