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Chiropractor average annual salaries in all Mississippi cities are as follows: the highest paid city is South Haven at $131,886 and the lowest paid is Hattiesburg recording an average of $105,219.

Here are a number of qualifications that an individual must possess in order to work as a chiropractor in Mississippi.

To qualify you must:

  • Meet the required education standards as stated by the Mississippi Board of Chiropractic Examiners.
  • Practice with a license
  • Attend Continuing Education
  • Sit for board exams

Mississippi Board of Chiropractic Examiners

This is the state board in charge of licensing and regulating the profession. It is a 6 member board having 5 members as chiropractors and 1 permanent member who is not involved with the profession in any way other than managing the board’s affairs.

Licensing involves a number of things amongst them paying the required exam and license fees plus attending Continuing Education prior to all license renewing periods.

Below is a run through of all applicable fees:

  • Board exam fees: $200
  • Exam application fee $100
  • Initial license fee: Not Applicable
  • DC License renewal fee: $200
  • CA (Chiropractic Assistant) license renewal fee: $50
  • Late renewal fee: $300

No criminal background checks or fingerprinting are required for license applications. It is an individual’s responsibility to ensure that they and their offices together with everyone working under them have current licenses. Each employee ought to have a renewal form completed and they should make as many copies as they can.

Continuing Education

CE contains refresher courses that will keep all chiropractors in tune with the profession. It is meant to ensure that all services rendered employ the current ideals of chiropractic care.

12 hours of CE every year is required for all DC license renewals, 3 of these should be set aside for risk management. 6 hours of CE are needed for all Chiropractic Assistant license renewal.

Anyone wishing to travel to treat must be issued with a Travel to Treat certificate given by the board

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Mississippi Chiropractic Association

MCA encourages the public to learn more about chiropractic and the benefits of seeing a chiropractor. Through their seminars they emphasize on individual wellness as well as that of the family, a healthy nation is built upon healthy precepts.

The association also protects the chiropractic community and the profession’s ethics by ensuring that both receive the state and societal recognition due. Its membership is not only limited to the chiropractic professionals but to the public as well and you can join in as a wellness member.

The association eases the stress involved with searching for a good chiropractor within the states locales; here you will receive immediate connection to a chiropractor and enjoy first hand information on news alerts concerning the chiropractic community.

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