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There are 15 cities in Missouri and chiropractic is well practised within them and in their locales. The yearly salary is an average $120,225 with the highest paid city being Saint Louis at approximately $137,964 yearly and the lowest paid being Saint Joseph at approximately $122,756 yearly.

Below is a run through of what is required for one to practice chiropractic in Missouri.

Qualifications needed to practice

  • Attain the required educational levels in chiropractic
  • Work with a license
  • Have a thorough criminal background check
  • Have their finger prints taken
  • Attend regular Continuing Education courses

Missouri State Board of Chiropractic Examiners

The MSBCE is in charge of all license issuing and all disciplinary actions. It is a 5 member board that comprises of 4 Doctors of Chiropractic and 1 public member. The board also permits telemedicine, permits individuals to travel and treat their patients and it also regulates speciality council certifications.

The licensing procedure and terms

Initial license application fee is $200, all licenses expire on February of every odd numbered year and the license renewal fee is $125. All students practising under preceptorship programs can perform their chiropractic services under a DC license.

Prior to all renewals, the applicant must attend and complete 48 hours Continuing Education, 24 of these hours shall be earned through attending formal educational courses/programs, workshops and seminars that have been approved by the MSBCE.

The licensee shall also complete the remaining 24 hours by attending not less than 3 of the following courses: Emergency procedure-first aid and CPR offered by any board approved organization or the American Red Cross, HIV/Aids , infectious disease or universal precautions, physical diagnosis or differential, ethical practices, diagnostic imaging, disk injury, nutrition, soft tissue injury, cerebrovascular accident, record keeping, case studies in chiropractic, health promotion and wellness, chiropractic principles and techniques, meridian therapy and insurance consulting.

For more information about the board and its services please visit them at

Missouri State Chiropractors Association

This is a chiropractic association that fosters healthy living in the public and acts as a networked community for all chiropractors to be recognized.

On the MSCA website, there are two portals, the member portal and the DC member portal.

On the “member” The public has an opportunity to be part beneficiaries of the MSCA services. Here the chiropractic awareness campaigns are sounded amongst various topics and challenges that face the profession. You can also manually search for a chiropractor near you.

On the DC member portal, the matters discussed here revolve around the profession and affect the chiropractor directly. It’s an informative space that deals with insurance, MSCA alerts and legislation additionally they also have educative webinars and seminars.

For more information about the “member” portal please visit and for more information about the DC member portal please visit