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The Chiropractor jobs here vary from city to city with Billings being the highest paid city and Bozeman, Butte and Missoula scoring the lowest.

On average, a Montanan chiropractor earns from $84,463 to $131,075 per annum which is a registered hourly wage of $12 to $57.

How to Qualify as a Chiropractor in Montana

A chiropractor needs to have a High School Diploma in courses like Physics, English, Biology, Social Studies and Mathematics.

A Doctor of Chiropractic advanced degree is required. For most scholars in chiropractic this degree often takes four years. The first two years include studying about basic medical subjects like Microbiology, Physiology, Anatomy, biochemistry and so on. The next 2 years deal with the clinical practices like diagnosing and treating patients.

In addition to academic certificates, the State of Montana requires that all aspiring candidates attend a 13 hour course of Continuing Education (CE) before they are issued with licenses to practice. The period for CE runs all year round before 1st September every year, the license renewal date.

Montana Board of Chiropractic Examiners

This licensing and Regulatory Board is a top level authority having direct powers to issue, reinstate, revoke or restrain all licenses pertaining to the chiropractic practice within the state.

Before the license is issued, practicing chiropractors are supposed to:

  • Pass a jurisprudence exam out of the two options given by the Board (Either all the 4 parts of NBCE exam or Parts 1, 2 and Part 4, SPCE or any state practical exam).
  • No initial license fees are needed but candidates are required to pay a license application fee of $300
  • All active licenses are renewed at $200 and inactive ones at $100

If the license holder has been issued the license for more than 12 months before the first license renewal, the licensee is supposed to submit 13 CE credit hours. For special requirements and exceptional cases as for graduates from foreign countries, one should contact the board.

Also, as per the state rules and regulations, all chiropractors are prohibited from prescribing drugs and administering radioactive materials in treating patients. For more information, please visit the board at

Montana Chiropractic Association

The association was formed with the main duty of representing all Doctors of Chiropractic in Montana. Ever since it was started, the board has set and made various regulatory laws to govern the profession in order to enforce the highest level of professional services given and to protect the ethical chiropractic standards within the state. For more information about membership, services and benefits visit the board at