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Chiropractor jobs in Nebraska vary greatly and so do the salaries. The towns with the highest paid chiropractors are Bellevue and Omaha whereas the lowest paid chiropractors is from Norfolk.

In Nebraska the highest paid chiropractor earns yearly average of $ 135,357 and the least earns around $95,543 annually.

Chiropractor qualifications in Nebraska

The academic qualification for a chiropractor in Nebraska includes the basic high school diploma in biology, mathematics, English, physics and social studies. Valid certification from an undergraduate college of chiropractic or a 4 year Doctor’s degree in chiropractic. Voluntary experience in a caring role will be an added advantage.

Chiropractor’s required skills

Chiropractic involves standing a lot for the better part of the working day, so chiropractors need to be of good health and stamina, good observation skills, communication skills, management skills, teamwork skills and interpersonal skills.

Chiropractic Governing and Licensing body in Nebraska

Board of Chiropractic Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services is the licensing and regulation body with authority and power to issue chiropractors with a chiropractic license.

In addition, the board has the authority to restrain, revoke or reinstate licenses if the practitioners do not follow the board’s rules and regulations.

Before the board can issue any license, the applicant has to take a jurisprudence exam, go through a thorough criminal back ground check (NE conviction) and then they will have to pay an initial license fee of $144 and regular license renewal fee of $144.

A license application should be seconded by a certificate of Continuing Education. All licenses have a biennial lifespan and are supposed to be renewed on 1st August of every even year. 36 credit hours are needed for Continuing Education of these 8 mandatory hours must be spent on courses like for X-ray physics, diagnostic imaging, quality control, chiropractic adjustive techniques, practice ethics, prevention of fraud, risk management and book keeping.

Rules and regulations governing chiropractors

Unlicensed students and doctors of Chiropractic are prohibited from practising. The board has the right to hold an investigation on an applicant or licensed chiropractor should any need occur. No person shall present himself or herself to the public as chiropractic or display any sign of advertisement in any manner as being a chiropractic Doctor or a chiropractic physician without obtaining a practice license from the governing board as required in rules and regulations chapter of the chiropractors jobs act.

In cases whereby a person that is not currently licensed by the board as a chiropractic practitioner is tried in court and found guilty of unlawfully practising chiropractic in Nebraska in violation of the rules and regulation chapter, he or she shall upon the first offence be fined or imprisoned for not less than 1 month or more than 1 year depending on the offence.

No practising chiropractor is allowed to use radioactive materials to treat clients or prescribe and administer any form of medication.