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Chiropractor jobs in Nevada promise, an average yearly salary of anything within the $135,695 to $145,417 range.

Henderson is the least paid at an average yearly salary of $135,695 whereas Carson City is the highest paid with the most annual salaries averaging $145,417.

The Chiropractic Qualifications in Nevada

In order for one to take the licensing examination to practice chiropractic, he/she should have valid education certifications. In addition, the certifications should come from a chiropractic college, either accredited or recognized by any chiropractic accrediting agency, registered with the U.S. Department of Education. The license exam fee is $125.

The applicant must also pursue Continuing Education which consists of 36 hours per biennium. The topics covered should revolve around patient care, diagnostic procedures and patient management. The board does not approve acupuncture and practice building seminars as part courses for the CE.


Chiropractic practice in Nevada is governed by the Chiropractic physician’s board. The board is composed of 7 members, 5 chiropractors and 2 non-chiropractors who must be residents of Nevada.

Apart from licensing the board also regulates the profession to ensure that it is practised within safe standard. Any individual in need of a license is required to submit an application to the board along with a non-refundable application fee of $236.25 which is inclusive of $36.25 criminal background check fee.

The application needs to be submitted as per the rules of the board, on the form issued by the board and must be signed by the applicant be for it is handed in for review.

The application must be accompanied by:

  • Proof of the applicant’s educational qualifications as prescribed in the rules of the board
  • Proof of the applicant’s graduation from a chiropractic college

After successfully clearing the examination, the applicant is required to pay an initial licensing fee of $225, renewal fee of $700 for active licenses and $250 for inactive ones. Applicants must also have their fingerprints taken.

The board also offers a 10 day temporary license to any interested party at $50 for application and $50 for license fees. The application should come in 30 days in advance.

The issued license will be designated "License to Practice Chiropractic", and will authorize the holder to practice chiropractic as defined in section 442-1.

The license holder will also be authorized to use all the necessary mechanical, hygienic, as well as sanitary measures incident to the care of the body.

However, the practising chiropractor will not be authorized to administer any drugs or medicine included in materia medica, or the performance of any surgical operation or the practice of osteopathy, dentistry, or optometry.

Anyone caught practising without a license or issuing medication to a client is a law breaker and therefore can be detained and tried in a court of law.