Chiropractic jobs in New Jersey

Chiropractic is widely practised in all of the 33 bustling New Jersey cities and towns. The average annual salary for chiropractors ranges between $145,161 and $ 165,791. The highest paid cities are East Brunswick, New Brunswick, Sayreville and Somerset whereas Atlantic City is the lowest paid. All salary figures are not inclusive of benefits and bonuses and are directly influenced by the level of education and experience.

How to qualify for chiropractor jobs in New Jersey

The basic chiropractic education is the top requirement. Secondly, all chiropractors within the state are expected to practice with a license.

Licenses validate an individual and are proof that he or she/has been properly vetted by the state and has qualified in the event.

The New Jersey State Board of Chiropractic Examiners is the institution responsible for licensing all chiropractors. The NJSBCE is also responsible for regulating the practice with laws closely attached to the profession’s ethics in order to ensure that the public receives only elite chiropractic services.

The board also permits DC’s to travel outside the state to treat their clients and the individual must inform the board prior to the visits and pay an administrative fee for the same.

For a license you require:

  • A criminal background check
  • Finger prints taken
  • An application fee of $125
  • Verification fee of $40
  • Initial license fee of $350 or a biennial fee of $175
  • If it is license renewal you pay $350 for an active one or $50 on top of this fee for an inactive license
  • An endorsement fee of $75

All applicants must attend the yearly 30 hours of Continuing Education and an additional 6hours on risk management for those renewing their licenses biennially. For more information on licensing, regulations and CE please visit the board at

Association of New Jersey Chiropractors

The ANJC is a chiropractic member association whose main course is to represent chiropractor’s interests within the state and on a national level. It protects and preserves the profession’s ethics by supporting all chiropractic legislation made.

All ANJC members are kept informed of the current news on chiropractic and the legislation through the association’s bullet. The association is home to over 2000 licensed chiropractors in New Jersey.

It is the state famed for most chiropractic organizations, 6 of which joined to form the current ANJC which is also the biggest chiropractic association.

Member benefits of ANJC are:

  • Professional chiropractic leadership worth emulating.
  • Chiropractor networks within the state and on a national level.
  • Chiropractic representation, with member pressing issues discussed and presented to the BCE for review.
  • Legal representation for all members.
  • An extensive Continuing Education program that is accredited by the state.
  • Stewardship that will help ensure that future generations continue to enjoy the benefits of chiropractic care.
  • Identification, members who identify with ANJC have a reputation to match their stature.

For more information, visit them at