Chiropractic jobs in North Carolina.

The annual average salary in North Carolina ranges from $111,980 to $140,298.

The highest paid city is Gastonia registering an annual average salary of $140,298 and the lowest paid city is Jacksonville which registers an annual average salary of $111,980.

North Carolina promises a market full of chiropractor jobs but for one to practice chiropractics, there are a number of qualifications that an individual must meet. To qualify as a chiropractor in North Carolina you must:

  • Complete and present the necessary education certificates.
  • Have a license.
  • Pursue Continuing Education.
  • Comply with all state rules and those that are made by the profession’s governing body.
  • Have their finger prints taken.
  • Have a criminal background check.


Licenses are issued by the North Carolina board of chiropractic examiners which is also the regulatory body.

All licenses expire on 31st December of every year and it is the chiropractor’s responsibility to ensure that they start the license renewal process weeks before this date.

All license renewals date starts on January 1st and ends on February 3rd. The applicant must also undergo Continuing Education before this date. Initial license applications do not require CE.

For follow ups on your license renewals and license cards visit the North Carolina Professional Licensing Agency. The agency no longer mails updated and renewed licenses so it is your responsibility to determine whether your renewal has been received and processed by accessing their free online verification search. Allow a maximum of 24 hours or 1 business day for the license to be renewed or updated.

License renewal fee is $150 whereas the exam fee is $300

CE requirements

CE requires 18 hours renewed yearly as with al licenses. 8 of these hours include al approved courses in risk management and public health. Other courses attended must directly enhance the applicant’s general knowledge and skill in relation to providing relevant services expected of the chiropractic profession.

North Carolina Board of Chiropractic Examiners

This is the board charged with chiropractic licensing and regulation. Its main goal is to ensure that each chiropractor meets the average working requirements expected in this service oriented field and to protect the public from receiving poor or dangerous services. The regulations and license requirements are bound to change from time to time so it is the chiropractor’s duty to make a follow up on the current developments by visiting the board in person or by visiting them via

North Carolina Chiropractic Association

This association serves as the voice of North Carolina’s chiropractic community. It is a member association that offers benefits which are critical to their profession.

They offer chiropractic sensitization seminars to the public as well as enhance the quality of services by providing quality Continuing Education courses.

For more information on the membership, fees, benefits and calendar of events please visit them at