Chiropractic jobs in North Dakota

Chiropractors who work freely in North Dakota earn an average hourly wage of $36.77. The average yearly salary depends on the educational level and experience of every individual for instance beginners earn an average starting average pay of $70,218 annually while those with experience earn an average of $107,497. Fargo and West Fargo register the highest paying rate with an average annual salary of $135,325 while Dickinson and Minot register the lowest average pay of $99,410.

How to qualify as chiropractor in North Dakota

The North Dakota state requires that each person hoping to practice as a Doctor of Chiropractic attain the required education certifications. It is the minimum requirement to qualify for licensure within the state.

Each chiropractor is to be licensed by the North Dakota State Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Any individual found operating as a chiropractor without the required certifications and license will be found guilty and may face a jail term or penalty.

The second and most important requirement is licensing. The major conditions for licenses are: criminal background check, fingerprinting and Continuing Education which is also a must for license renewals.

The CE requires 20 hours per year or 20 distance credit hours per year. 15 of these hours are set aside for chiropractic clinical sciences with topics such as Adjustive Technique, Examination Procedures/Diagnoses, Radiographic Technique/Safety, Nutrition, Research Trends, Diagnostic Imaging Interpretation, Philosophy (max three hours), Physiological Therapeutics and Clinical Documentation which includes reporting/insurance billing/coding and procedures (maximum of 4 hours).

Complying with the CE requirement will shorten the license issuance period and it is the sole responsibility of the applicant to ensure that they attend all CE courses.


North Dakota State Board of Chiropractic Examiners

This is the chiropractic licensing and regulations board in North Dakota. The board ensures that chiropractic is practiced within the safest conditions favorable to the chiropractors and the public. The yearly renewable licenses is one way of regulating the practice but the board also retains power to refuse, revoke or restrain a license if the applicant poses a threat of any nature.

North Dakota Chiropractic Association

This is an independent chiropractic association that offers membership to all students of chiropractic and Doctors of the same.

NDCA Member Benefits

  • The association ensures improved reimbursement for all chiropractors practicing within their capacity. It offers a range of discounted programs like NDCA’s Insurance & Medicare Hotline, comprehensive guide to getting paid, discounted collection program and Low credit card processing rates.
  • Creating programs that help chiropractors save money
  • Enhanced network connection with other chiropractors which is very beneficial within career development

The board fully supports all legislation set in place to regulate the profession and always strives to better the scope of services rendered by using their authority to implement the laws. The board does not issue licenses for the same and though it protects the rights of its members it does not support any individual practicing without any qualifications such as a license.

For more information on the association and its privileges please visit them at