Chiropractic jobs in Oklahoma

Chiropractic is widely practised in Oklahoma State. From Altus to Tulsa the salary range varies and these figures are often influenced by the level of education and expertise.

Of all its cities, Oklahoma City and Tulsa are the highest paid at a yearly average of $136,409 whereas Lawton is the lowest paid with a yearly average of $118,068.

The average yearly pay range for most of its 11 cities lies between $180,000 and 130,000. All salary figures are not inclusive of bonuses and benefits.

How to qualify for chiropractor jobs in Oklahoma

There are a number of qualifications that individuals hoping to practice chiropractic in this state should attain. The basic and common one is proper educational background succeeded by the certified documentation.

Another quality is a clean criminal background issued by the home state and other states in America.

Next is the regulation of compliance to the profession’s ethics and codes by way of licensure.

All licenses are to be renewed yearly and are issued by the Oklahoma Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

The board also retains the power to deny, restrict and revoke any issuance of licenses to unqualified individuals and those that have not complied with the board’s rules and regulations.

In the event of investigations, the board has authority to perform first hand investigation on an individual’s credibility. Practising chiropractic without a license or using one that has expired is an offence punishable by law.

Another offence is the use of radioactive materials to treat patients and the issuance of medication and prescriptions. These regulations were put in place to ensure that the public is met with proper and qualified chiropractic services in the entire state. For more information contact the board at

When an individual is applying for a license it should be succeeded by a certificate of Continuing Education. CE is a yearly mandatory program that all practising chiropractors should undergo before their licenses are renewed. The program requires 8 hours and 8 distance credit hours approved by the board.

The CE requirements are as follows:

  • All licenses must be renewed by July 1st of every year, 8 hours are required.
  • For licenses expiring on or after July 1st of every year a total of 16 hours are required.

License fees are:

$175 for application

$175 for exam and initial license fees

$225 renewal fee for active resident, $50 for resident DC, $100 for inactive license renewal and $175 for inactive non-resident.

Oklahoma Chiropractors Association

OCA is a member association which was founded for the purpose of safeguarding chiropractic and its practitioners. Members are assured of benefits such as chiropractic seminars, information, new doctor orientation programs and various holiday reservations. For more information please visit OCA at

Unified Chiropractic Association of Oklahoma

This is an association aimed at informing the public on various chiropractic developments and other urgent health matters, for example major disease outbreaks. UCAO offers advice on how to live healthy and maintain a healthy household/community. You can also locate a chiropractor here. For more information please contact the association at