Chiropractic jobs in Oregon

In Oregon State, chiropractor jobs pay a yearly average salary totalling $121,000.

Beaverton, Lake Oswego and Portland are the highest paid cities with a yearly average of $144,979 and Bend is the least paid with a yearly average of $114,314.

To work as a Doctor of Chiropractic in Oregon there are a number of qualifications you must attain. Below is a detailed description of the expected qualifications.

Chiropractor job qualifications in Oregon

To qualify as a chiropractor in Oregon you need to start off by ensuring that you have attained most of the education requirements and have the proper certifications to present as proof. Whether it is a chiropractic business you are operating or just an employee of a chiropractic institute you need to have all the proper licenses.

Licenses are a way of showing the public that you are genuine and certified to offer all chiropractic services and that patients are safe in your hands.

Oregon Board of Chiropractic Examiners is the establishment responsible for all issuance and renewals of licenses. Another responsibility due is the regulation of chiropractic and setting rules that protect the profession’s ethics.

All licenses are to be renewed annually on the applicant’s birth month. Before you start applying for a license, ensure that you have successfully completed 20 hours of CE for regular active licenses, 6 CE hours for senior active licenses and 4 CE hours on over the counter/ non-prescriptive substances for all first time license applications.

Oregon Board of Chiropractic Examiners

This is a state establishment authorized with power to issue licenses to chiropractors and make laws to regulate the profession. It is a non-biased establishment because it operates as single entity which is not influenced by external philosophies and ideologies. Its mission statement is to help protect the public health, safety and welfare through the licensure and regulation of all chiropractic physicians in Oregon.

License application procedures

In accordance to the laws of Oregon, all license applicants must undergo a criminal background check and finger printing. Licensure is also available through both examination and endorsements. Here are the board fees:

Exam and Criminal background check fee: $140

Exams retake fees: $100 per retake

Initial license fee: $150

License renewal fees: $425(active license), $225(inactive license), $315(senior active license)

For more information please contact the board at

Oregon Chiropractic Association

This an association founded for the main course of protecting chiropractors and acting as a unified voice for their concerns.

In 2008, Chiropractors Association of Oregon and Oregon Doctors of Chiropractic Medicine merged to form what is now the Oregon Chiropractic Association.

It offers membership to all chiropractors regardless of education level or experience. This new association has run various legislative courses that have protected and improved chiropractic as a profession.

OCA also connects the public to chiropractic services by offering a platform whereby clients who are seeking chiropractic care can connect with a doctor. It organizes a number of chiropractic seminars that are both informative and educative. For more information please contact OCA at