Chiropractic jobs in Pennsylvania

There are various Chiropractor jobs available in Pennsylvania but the salary may differ from one city to another.

Levittown is the highest paid city with a yearly average salary of $157,582 whereas Wilkes Barre is the lowest paid city with a yearly average of $124,881.

On an average the annual salary package for chiropractors may vary from $160,000 to $120,000. These salary figures are great and it makes the profession quite appealing. So how can one qualify as a chiropractor in the Pennsylvanian cities?

Key qualifications to consider

Earning a Bachelor Degree is an important criterion to qualify for a Chiropractor job. However, candidates must complete minimum 90 credits of the undergraduate course. Some cities in Pennsylvania do not need a bachelor’s degree to become a licensed Chiropractor, so an individual ought to confirm with state board where they want to practice.

Candidates having a key distinction in biology, physics and chemistry meet the prerequisite criterion for becoming a licensed Chiropractor. Procuring a DC degree from the qualified college is also an important consideration.

Pennsylvania State Board of chiropractic

The Pennsylvania State Board of Chiropractic is the main regulatory board which is assigned with authority to issue, to revoke and to reinstate licenses related to chiropractic practice within Pennsylvania. Practicing chiropractors should do the following things before being issued with a Chiropractic license: The candidate should seek for licensure and it is important to pay the initial license fees which would get ahead by the renewal fees for regular license of $210.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education is an important aspect while procuring a license to practice chiropractic in Pennsylvania.

Chiropractors usually attend the workshops and accredited education classes for continuing learning. These classes help them to learn and stay updated with the developments in the medicine of Chiropractic. Various Chiropractors learn about massage, naturopathy and other alternative medicines that add a great deal in their practice.

All license applicants are expected to attend a minimum of 24 CE hours per biennium and no- classroom credits are also allowed and they must be 24 CE hours. The CE program has to be sponsored by a national or state chartered organization of chiropractors. For more information please contact PSBC at

Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association

PCA acts as an active voice in educating, informing and advocating for all DC’s. It is an association charged with the mandate of empowering and enabling chiropractors in various ways that are ethically conversant with the profession.

The association also offers CE courses at $25 per unit to all its members, it offers over 170 hours and 100 different courses for one to choose from.

For more information about PCA please visit them at