Chiropractic jobs in Rhode Island

In Rhode Island chiropractic salary is evenly distributed at a yearly average of $142,000 in its 9 cities and vast towns. The variation ranges between average yearly salaries of $144,937 and $142,128. The highest paid city is New Port whereas the lowest paid is Coventry.

To qualify for chiropractor jobs in Rhode Island, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete the basic chiropractic education with the supporting certification.
  • Have a license
  • Attend Continuing Education

Rhode Island Board of Examiners in Chiropractic

This is the board in charge of licensing chiropractors and regulating the practice in Rhode Island. For all licenses, the board requires that each applicant attend the annual Continuing Education and pay a license fee as stated below.

Initial license fee: $210

License renewal fee: $210

Continuing Education

The board requires not less than 60 CE hours renewed every 3 years with no less than 50 distance credit hours also allowed. Of all these hours 2 hour must be spent on ethics, 2 on pain and symptom management, 2 on special boundaries, 2 on physical measures, 2 on performance and ordering of tests.

Chiropractic Society of Rhode Island

The CSRI is your everyday source of family doctors for all your chiropractic needs. Its mission is to protect the member chiropractors and the public by ensuring that only the best services are given and that all chiropractors receive the recognition due. There are two CSRI platforms and the membership options are varied so it is up to an individual to choose which category they will join. There is nothing too different or secretive about these platforms since they both communicate to the public and to the DC’S openly. In general the CSRI member benefits are:

  • Organized healthcare systems
  • An exclusive access to member only information and materials
  • Fact sheet brochures for the DC and patient
  • 1st hand information geared at improving your practice and managing it successfully
  • Assistance in various legislative, legal and insurance matters
  • A watchful and insightful insurance committee to keep you informed of all insurance codes and billing procedures
  • New doctor assistance
  • Quality CE program designed to educate, enhance and motivate your practice
  • Access to the CSRI journal which offers insights on the latest chiropractic news, laws, trends and events

For more information on CSRI the public can visit them at whereas the doctor’s platform can be contacted through