Chiropractic jobs in South Carolina

The annual average chiropractic salaries in South Carolina are well distributed between $119,798 and $140,298. The highest paid city is Rock Hill at an annual average yearly salary of $140,298 and the lowest paid is Myrtle Beach at $119,798.

To become a chiropractor in South Carolina and earn either of these say figures, you must be a qualified and licensed chiropractor. Below is a detailed description of what all chiropractor jobs in this state entail.

Chiropractic Qualifications in South Carolina

To practice as a chiropractor in South Carolina you must meet the following qualifications:

  • Attain the minimum academic requirements in chiropractic that is, any undergraduate or postgraduate course.
  • Apply for a license to practice chiropractic within the state.
  • Attend Continuing Education in chiropractic.

South Carolina Board of Chiropractic Examiners

This is the body fully mandated with the regulation and legislation of chiropractics as a profession. It is a 9 member board made up of 8 Doctors of Chiropractic and 1 member from the public. To date SCBCE has issued over 1,571 active licenses and 83 new licenses. The licensure fees are as follows:

Initial license application: $150

Biennial license renewal fee: $240 for chiropractors under the age of 65 and $120 for DC’s over the age of 65

All licenses whose period of expiration s less than 12 months from the expiration date must pay 25% penalty fee of the renewal fee. Licenses that have expired for more than 12 months but the expiration period is less than 3 years must pay each term’s license renewal fee plus an extra 25% of the renewal fee.

All licenses that have not been renewed for more than a 3 year period are to be discarded and the individual must apply for a new license and meet the requirements that are in effect.

Continuing Education

The SCBCE accepts 36 hours of CE renewed biennially. 2 hours must be on risk management courses and another 2 on South Carolina’s rules and regulations. 18 hours of the 36 CE hours can be attained through distance credits.

The board permits travel to treat but the individual wishing to do so must first contact the board for its policy. Another permitted service is telemedicine but only exercised under the board’s discretion.

South Carolina Chiropractic Association

There are many reasons as to why the SCCA exists today. It sensitizes the public on chiropractic, its benefits and offers guidance on how to receive the services.

It also advocates for chiropractic as a special health care method and makes various efforts for the profession as well as its practitioners to be recognized.

The association also has an active involvement on chiropractic legislation and education forums such as Continuing Education. Benefits of SCCA services are open to the entire public (members and non-members).

If you happen to be in South Carolina and would like to get some quality chiropractic services, you can access the SCCA website to find a doctor. For more information please visit the association at