Chiropractic jobs in South Dakota

In all the 7 South Dakotan cities, chiropractic salaries vary a great deal. The highest paid city is Rapid City with an annual average salary of $128,192 whereas the lowest paid city is Aberdeen with an annual average salary of $81,271.

To qualify as a chiropractor in South Dakota you must:

  • Attain the minimum chiropractic education levels.
  • Apply for a license to practice chiropractic within the state.
  • Attend Continuing Education.
  • Have a criminal background check.
  • Have your fingerprints taken
  • Pay some board approved fees that will be discussed in the licensure procedure.

South Dakota Board of Chiropractic Examiners

This is the authoritative body that regulates the chiropractic within the state. It uses various ways of regulation to ensure that the profession’s ethics as well as the public are protected. Licensure is one way and for all license applications, an individual must comply with the stipulated requirements.

The license fees are as follows:

Matriculation fee: $100

Initial license fee: $200 for active licenses and $50 for inactive ones

License renewal fee: $200 for active licenses and $50 for inactive ones

All active licenses must be renewed annually by December 31st.

Continuing Education

License applicants are supposed to take the biennial Continuing Education courses due on December 31st. The board requires 40 hours of CE or 40 distance credit hours per 2 year period.

The board also accepts sexual boundaries training. To date there are a total of 815 licenses, of these, 428 are active, 74 are inactive, 248 are chiropractic assistants and 65 are x-ray techs.

For more information please contact the board at

South Dakota Chiropractors Association

To date SDCA has registered over 299 chiropractors as its members. This association was started for both chiropractors and the public and they also made a bold move by starting a website to make it easy for people searching for chiropractic information.

It reassures all its members and the pubic of the best chiropractic services that are also timely.

The SDCA website highlights various news articles on chiropractic and health matters in general. It also helps member chiropractors within the state to bond by presenting them with a platform in which they can network in many professional levels.

They have an annual awards celebration to honor and motivate the best performing chiropractors with the spirit of encouraging future generation chiropractors to strive in bettering themselves and the profession at large.

For more information, please contact South Dakota Chiropractors Association at