Chiropractic jobs in Tennessee

In the Tennessee state, chiropractor salaries vary and are highly influenced by experience. The highest paid city is Memphis with an average annual salary of $133,673 whereas the lowest paid city is Johnson with a yearly average salary of $116,543. To qualify to practice as a chiropractor in Tennessee, one must:

  • Complete the minimum levels in chiropractic education
  • Practice with a license
  • Have a criminal background check
  • Have their fingerprints taken
  • Pay for license fees
  • Attend Continuing Education

Tennessee Board of Chiropractic Examiners

This is the licensing and regulations board for chiropractic in Tennessee. It is a 7 member board made up of 5 Doctors of Chiropractic and 2 citizen members.

To date the TBCE has managed to register 1,719 active licenses. The conditions for licensing are as follows: initial license applications require that the individual undergo a criminal background check and have their finger prints taken.

The applicant must have both a NBCE and state physiotherapy exam. The candidates are then required to pay some license fees and they can choose from either of these categories.

Initial license fees: $360

License renewal fees: $260

In addition, you must also pay a state regulatory fee of $10. Continuing Education is another requirement and the state of Tennessee insists that all practicing chiropractors attend 24 hours CE courses every year or 6 distance credit hours. Of all these hours, 3 must be set aside for sexual boundaries training and 3 more for HIV/Aids awareness or risk prevention training. Complete CE hours must be submitted to the board no later than January 15th every year.

Tennessee Chiropractic Association

This society was created for the sole purpose of providing a distinctive forum for Doctors of chiropractic in Tennessee.

The TCA serves as a vehicle that safeguards, communicates and protects the chiropractor’s interests within the state. The association holds firm the traditional views of chiropractic and insist that this health profession be categorized on its own as a separate form of healing.

A significant number of chiropractors in Tennessee are now able to express their concerns freely through it. TCA members are exposed to a number of benefits and it is an association not only for chiropractors but the public as well.

The association also offers a number of courses for the purpose of professional development. For more information on TCA please visit them at