Chiropractic jobs in Texas

Texas has a great number of cities which add up to 37. In all these cities chiropractic is widely practised and recognized as a healing science. The average annual salary ranges between $99,213 and $141,451.

The highest paid city is Houston, whereas the lowest paid are Midland and Odessa. All salary figures are not inclusive of benefits and bonuses. To qualify for a chiropractor job in Texas an individual must:

  • Achieve the required academic qualifications in chiropractic.
  • Apply for a license.
  • Have a criminal background check.
  • Have their finger prints taken.
  • Attend Continuing Education.

Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners

The TBCE is in charge of all license issuing and all disciplinary actions. It is a 9 member board that comprises of 7 Doctors of Chiropractic and 2 public members. The board does not permit telemedicine, permits individuals to travel and treat their patients and it also regulates speciality council certifications.

The licensing procedure and terms

Initial license application fee is $120, all licenses expire on the first day of applicant’s birth month every year and the license renewal fee is $150.

All students practising under preceptorship programs can perform treatment under a DC license.

Prior to all renewals, the applicant must attend and complete 16 hours Continuing Education, 4 of these hours shall be earned through attending formal educational courses/programs, workshops and seminars that have been approved by the TBCE.

The board also allows no more than 10 distance credit hours. To date the board has 5,234 active licenses, 630 inactive licenses, 199 expired licenses and 3 suspended ones. For more information about the board and its services please visit them at

Texas Chiropractic Association

This is a chiropractic association that fosters healthy living in the public and acts as a networked community for all chiropractors to be recognized.

On the TCA website, there are various services highlighted. Here the chiropractic awareness campaigns are sounded amongst various topics and challenges that face the profession.

You can also manually search for a chiropractor near you. On the TCA platform various matters are discussed here and they revolve around the profession and how they affect the chiropractor directly.

It’s an informative space that deals with insurance, TCA alerts and legislation. Additionally they also have educative webinars and seminars. For more information about the association you can visit them at