Chiropractic jobs in Utah

Chiropractor jobs in Utah vary from city to city and from town to town. The highest paid city is Salt Lake City with an average yearly salary of $136,262 and the lowest paid city is Logan with an average yearly salary of $108,240. These salary figures are not inclusive of benefits and bonuses. To qualify as a chiropractor in Utah, there are a number of requirements that you must meet. Below is a detailed description of these requirements.

Utah Chiropractor Job Requirements

  • Attain the required educational levels in chiropractic
  • Work with a license
  • Attend regular Continuing Education courses

How to Qualify as a Chiropractor in Utah

All individuals who claim to be Doctors of chiropractic must possess valid certifications showcasing their educational achievements in as far as chiropractic is concerned.

In addition to academic certificates, the State of Utah requires that all aspiring candidates attend a 40 hour course of Continuing Education (CE) every 2 years before they are issued with licenses to practice.

Utah Chiropractic Physicians Licensing Board

This licensing and Regulatory Board is a level authority having direct powers to issue, reinstate, revoke or restrain all licenses pertaining to the practice of chiropractic within the state.

Before the license is issued, practicing chiropractors are required to:

Take a jurisprudence exam with a fee of $72

Pay an initial license fee of $200 or

A license renewal fee of $103

Al licenses have a biennial term and expire on the 31st May of even years. As of 11 November 2016 the board has in its record a total f 916 licenses issued for chirorpactors.

If the license holder has been issued the license for more than 12 months before the first license renewal, the licensee is supposed to submit 15 of the CE credit hours. For special requirements and exceptional cases as for graduates from foreign countries, one should contact the board.

Also, as per the state rules and regulations, all chiropractors are prohibited from prescribing drugs and administering radioactive materials in treating patients.

Utah Physicians Chiropractic Association

UPCA is the only association founded to represent chiropractors in Utah. Its headquarters are in Salt Lake City and it was formed as an organization whose main duty was to represent all Doctors of Chiropractic in the state.

The association has a leadership board comprised of 5 members who are all Doctors of chiropractic. The delegation of duties is spread in order from the president, vice president, past president, executive director, secretary and treasurer.

Ever since it was started, the board has set various regulatory laws to govern the profession in order to encourage the highest level of professional services given and to protect the ethical chiropractic standards. For more information about membership, services and benefits vist the board at