Chiropractic jobs in Vermont

Chiropractic is widely practised in the state of Vermont particularly in its 5 cities and vast towns.

Salaries for chiropractor jobs in Vermont vary in all the cities and are influenced by factors like level of education and experience.

The highest paid chiropractors are from Burlington, Colchester, Essex and south Burlington cities whereas the lowest paid are from Rutland city.

By and large, all practising chiropractors are paid an average yearly salary ranging from $122,786 to $136,846 (minus bonuses and benefits) in all the Vermont cities and towns.

Requirements for chiropractor job qualifications

To succeed as a chiropractor in Vermont, you must meet the basic requirements which are: attaining the various levels of education like high school diploma, undergraduate degree programs and an advanced degree in Chiropractic.

You must also get a license to work within the state. The licenses are issued by the Vermont Board of Chiropractic. This board is also a regulatory force which retains the right to revoke, retrain or deny licenses in case of a criminal offence or a member’s non-adherence to the profession’s ethics. On severe cases that need investigative inquiries on licensed individuals the board caries out first hand investigations before any decisions are made concerning the integrity of the said individual to continue practising within the state.

Additionally, it is a major requirement for license applicants to attend 24 hours of Continuing Education every 2 years, 24 distance credit hour are also allowed. The applications for CE must be submitted 60 days before the courses begin. Incomplete applications are not valid nor are they justifiable.

The initial license fee is included in the $200 application fee. For all license renewals, a candidate is required to pay $365.

The board does not permit or license any malpractices; it also does not permit chiropractors to travel to treat their patients outside the state.

To date the board has recorded a total of 256 active licenses, 193 resident licenses, 52 non-resident licenses and 11 new licenses.

Vermont Chiropractic Association (VCA)

VCA is a chiropractors association which fosters unity amongst the chiropractic community both students and practising. The organization stands to preserve the profession’s ethics, ensure that the public receives proper chiropractic care and seeks to maintain the sovereignty and independence of the Vermont board of chiropractic.

Other duties of this organization include:

  • Provide different opportunities for chiropractic scholars to enhance their levels of education within reasonable costs.
  • They advance the presence and equivalence of the profession by reducing 3rd party settlements on chiropractic services.
  • Give public education seminars on chiropractic care, these seminars raise awareness to the public concerning the practice, its benefits and how to get genuine services.
  • To nature and mentor new practitioners by providing various positions in which they can practice and seminars in which they can learn and grow.

By joining VCA you are assured of full membership with member benefit opportunities. For further, enquiries and information on this organization you can visit