Chiropractic jobs in Virginia

There are 16 cities in Virginia and chiropractic is very much practised within them and in their localities. The yearly salary is an average $130,205 with the highest paid cities being Alexandria and Arlington at just about $150,938 yearly and the lowest paid being Suffolk at approximately $128,123 yearly.

Qualifications needed to practice

All chiropractors or any individual presenting themselves as Doctors of chiropractic must have valid educational certificates to ascertain their claim. Chiropractors who wish to practice within the state must have a valid license and attend regular Continuing Education.

Virginia board of medicine: department of health professions

The VBM is in charge of all license issuing and all disciplinary actions. It is a 15 member board that comprises of 11 MD’s and 4 public members. The board permits telemedicine but it does not permit individuals to travel and treat their patients nor does it regulate specialty council certifications.

How to get a license

The Initial license application fee is $277; all licenses expire after two years after which you pay a renewal fee of $312. All students practicing under preceptorship programs can perform their chiropractic services under a DC license. Prior to all renewals, the applicant must attend and complete 60 hours Continuing Education biennially, distance credits are not allowed.

The Unified Virginia Chiropractors Association

This is a chiropractic association that constantly advocates for healthy living in the public and acts as a networked community for all chiropractors to be recognized.

The UVCA encourages the public to learn more about chiropractic and the benefits of seeing a chiropractor. Through their seminars they emphasize on individual wellness as well as that of the family. The union also protects the chiropractic community and the profession’s ethics by ensuring that both receive the recognition due. Its membership is not only limited to the chiropractic professionals but it is very much open to the public as well and you can join in as a wellness member.

With the association your chiropractor search is no more, it lessens the stress involved with searching for good chiropractic services within the states by providing contacts to some of the best DC’s in your locale.

On their portal you will receive immediate connection to a chiropractor and enjoy first hand information on news alerts concerning the chiropractic community. For more information on UVCA services please contact them at