Chiropractic jobs in Wisconsin

Chiropractor jobs in Wisconsin vary greatly and so do their salaries. The towns with the highest paid chiropractors are from Wisconsin whereas the lowest paid chiropractors are from Eau Claire. In Wisconsin the best paid chiropractor earns yearly an average of $ 138,172 and the least earns around $108,212 annually.

Chiropractor qualifications in Wisconsin

The most obvious qualification for chiropractor jobs in Wisconsin includes the basic high school diploma in biology, mathematics, English, physics and social studies. Certification from any board approved undergraduate college of chiropractic or a 4 year Doctor’s degree in chiropractic. Voluntary experience in a caring role will be an added advantage.

Chiropractor’s required skills

A chiropractor ought to be healthy all round. He is expected to be of good standing physically and health wise since the job involves standing and a lot of movement. Other expected skills are good communication, observation, management and interpersonal skills.

Chiropractic Governing and Licensing body in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Chiropractic Examining Board is the licensing and regulation body with authority and power to issue chiropractors with a chiropractic practice license.

In addition, the board has the authority to restrain, revoke or reinstate licenses if the practitioners do not follow the board’s rules and regulations.

It is a 6 member board made up of 4 Doctors of chiropractic and 2 public members. Before the board can issue any license, the applicant has to take a jurisprudence exam; the licenses applications do not need any fingerprinting or criminal background check.

Applicants are supposed to pay an initial license fee of $75 and regular license renewal fee of $170

For all license applications to be successful, they must be seconded by Continuing Education certifications. All licenses have a biennial lifespan and are supposed to be renewed on 14th December of every even year.

40 credit hours are needed for Continuing Education and the board does not allow distance credit hours or seminars. Each chiropractor is expected to maintain and present his/her current CPR certification during the registration period.

Rules and regulations governing chiropractors

The board has the right to hold an investigation on an applicant or licensed chiropractor should any need occur. The board permits licensed chiropractors to travel and treat their clients outside the state. The board also regulates specialty council certification and authorizes the practice of telemedicine to treat patients.

In cases whereby a person that is not currently licensed by the board as a chiropractic practitioner is tried in court and found guilty of unlawfully practicing chiropractic in Wisconsin in violation of the above rules and regulation he or she shall face a prison term of pay a penalty fee for crimes committed.

Wisconsin Chiropractic Association

This is a chiropractic association that was started for the Wisconsin communities.

It gives chiropractors within the area some sense of belonging as well as present the public with essential knowledge required for them to better understand chiropractic treatment.

The member benefits are: discounts on services and membership plans, inclusion in social events and chiropractic social networking and access to the best Continuing Education program in the area.

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