Chiropractic jobs in Wyoming

Chiropractic is a commonly practised profession in Wyoming. The average annual salary for chiropractors ranges between $128,192 and $ 100,071.

The highest paid cities are Casper and Laramie whereas Gillette is the lowest paid. All salary figures are not inclusive of benefits and bonuses and are directly influenced by the level of education and experience.

How to qualify for chiropractor jobs in Wyoming

Basic chiropractic education is the top requirement and the higher your certifications and experience the higher your pay. Additionally, all chiropractors within the state are expected to practice with a license. Licenses are proof of how genuine an individual is in terms of qualifications.

The Wyoming State Board of Chiropractic Examiners is the certified institution accountable for licensing all chiropractors. It is 5 member board made up of 4 DC’s and 1 public member. The WSBC is also responsible for regulating the practice with laws closely attached to the professions ethics in order to ensure that the public only receives choice chiropractic services.

The board does not permit DC’s to travel outside the state to treat their clients neither does it permit chiropractors to practice any form of telemedicine.

Here are the requirements for licensensure:

  • A criminal background check.
  • An Exam fee of $500.
  • Initial license fee is included in the exam fee.
  • License renewal you pay $200.

All applicants must attend the yearly 12 hours of Continuing Education, 4 hours distance credits are also allowed. The CE course must be sponsored by either of the following ACA, ICA, or any CCE accredited school of chiropractic. For more information on licensing, regulations and CE please contact the board at

The Wyoming Chiropractic Association

The WCA is one of the oldest chiropractic associations established in the US. It is a member association which was formed in 1927 and its main course is to represent chiropractor’s interests within the state and on a national level.

It safeguards and preserves the profession’s ethics by supporting all chiropractic legislation made. All WCA members are kept up to date of the current news on chiropractic and the legislation through the association’s bulletins.

The WCA board of directors is made up of 7 members all who are Doctors of chiropractic. The board consists of an executive director, president, vice president, and 4 directors.

Member benefits of WCA

  • Chiropractic representation, with member pressing issues discussed and presented to the WSBCE for review.
  • Legal representation for all members.
  • An extensive Continuing Education program that is endorsed by the state.
  • Stewardship which ensures that future generations continue to enjoy the benefits of chiropractic care and that future generation chiropractors maintain the profession’s ethics.
  • Recognition, members who identify with WCA have a standing to match their repute.

For more information, visit them at