In Touch Chiropractic

In Touch Chiropractic


The Vison for our company, was to create somewhere that chiropractors could come and practice their style of chiropractic within a paradigm that is congruent with our philosophy of natural health care and optimal function as well as the current science. I wanted a space that used language that breaks down any barriers between Chiropractic and medical and other health professionals 

  • Our Purpose  
  • To make a positive difference to as many people’s lives as we can, through advocating healthful, holistic practices and philosophies, while encouraging and supporting individuals to achieve optimal growth within an optimal environment and stay in touch with current thinking within health care communities. 

 Our Mission   

  • To deliver outstanding professional health services, with clinical excellence, to enhance quality of life within the community, through the people we serve. 


  • “Leap into life” with Chiropractic 

History of Business  

ITC opened its doors in July 2007, I was married in May 2007, It was a busy first half of the year.  

I was a sole practitioner with 2 CA’s  and I had a steep learning curve, going from only having to worry about chiropractic and patient care to being a business manager, a leader, and all that goes with that… and I have had a few stumbles along that journey, and because of that I have been making a concentrated effort in improving those particular skills, being involved in the Entrepreneurial Business School University program and now sitting on a business board, I  am constantly striving to learn and improve.   

In 2007, we grew quickly, and the practice has grown further with the addition of chiropractic Associates. I did not think to add another chiropractor until I had children, and that changed my life, both having the support of another practitioner (and having children). We have had 4 different associates now over time, including our current senior associate.  

As we want to make the most impact on our community that we can, we get involved and sponsor local sporting groups,  We have an under 7’s team at the local soccer club, Little athletics,  and we are involved in other community events, an example of this is GGG running group, we were involved in the mother’s day classic marathon days with a stretch stallWe donated to local events like the swimathon last year that was raising funds for the drought, we enter a team in the local Trivia nights, which is always a fun night out. always welcome new ideas on how to be involved, and ask Team members to bring them to our team meetings, and our clients know we are always open to them approaching us with what they are involved with, at the moment we are a collection site for the local schools Bookarama book fest.  

Future pacing 

I also have the vision of taking this model, of chiropractic business, to other areas. I would like to open 2 more locations in the next 5 years. Something I have discovered from talking to Chiropractors over the years and was also my experience, is that, often where there is a great corporate model of practice with awesome culture and clinical focus, there is a space for someone to come in and practice Chiropractic and learn and grow to a point, and then if they want to take further steps they need to move on.  

I want ITC to provide the opportunity to offer more and next steps and participate in helping Chiropractors further in their careers, not just stop at one level of Associate. To have a system and process that moves from Associate, to Senior Associate and then to Principal with a defined role and activities that go along with those positions and the appropriate levels of remuneration. To encourage and support the practitioner in the level of growth they choose.  

I appreciate that some want to come, adjust without worrying about any of the business side of things and go home and get on with what they love to do outside of work with their loved ones, and I am happy to provide a great space for that,  and where there are others looking for career growth in technical aspects of study and expertise and speciality areas, I love this, and others that want to progress in how to run a great team and get the most out of a practice. So I will talk a bit more about that with the role description.