$35,000 - $60,000 yearly
  • Alba Spinal Health Centre
  • Warrington, UK
  • Jan 03, 2022
Full Time Associate

Job Description


·        We offer a generous salary from day one, so you get paid while you build your list!

·        There is also great opportunity for growth and progression within the company. There’s no chance of feeling stagnant or hitting ‘glass-ceilings’ at Alba, there’s ALWAYS opportunity for advancement here (see ‘Partnership’ below for more on this)


·        We deliver in-house training when you start, to kick-start your career with us, and our exciting coaching program develops throughout your time with us.

·        We ALSO pay for you to have access to world-renowned, external coaches!

·        You will learn patient education and retention skills, patient acquisition skills, AND the business skills necessary to run a successful clinic. We will teach you how to build a busy list of YOUR ideal patients, by giving YOU the tools and knowledge to enable your patients to truly understand what you can offer them, from pain relief to maximising their wellbeing.


·        We are a close-knit, fun team who work hard together, and play hard together!

·        Don’t just take it from us – see what our people say – visit

Maxed-out diaries!

·        You will have an abundance of new patients, but more importantly, we will teach you how to educate and inspire these patients, so they achieve the outcomes they were looking for, and become your RAVING FANS!

·        If it is your vision for Osteopathy to be a normal lifestyle choice for everyone, we will teach you how to see this vision become a reality amongst your patients, and you will get to enjoy a list FULL of your ideal patients!

Path to Partnership

·        Why did you become a osteopath? To hire and manage staff? To sit around at night paying the bills and calculating payroll? To spend hours writing GDPR and HR policies? NO?! You became an osteopath to be an osteopath right!?

·        As an associate with us you can rest assured you will be able to focus on growing in your skills and knowledge to ultimately become the best osteopath you could possibly be!

·        But what happens when you start thinking you want to have your own practice? Do you think you will suddenly start feeling excited about the mundane aspects of running a business? No?

·        Well, we have the perfect answer for you! Alba has a path to partnership if ownership is your longer-term goal. Let us help you to become an owner, and enjoy the benefits of passive income, building assets and retirement funds, without you having to go through the pain of starting from scratch. Benefit from our brand, use our proven systems, and enjoy faster and easier success rather than trying to ‘go it alone’.

About us:

Alex and Jemma have 32 years’ practice and 28 years’ business experience between them. They both started out as associates working for other people, but found that all they had been promised when being recruited, looked very different in reality. The more colleagues they spoke to, the more they realised this becoming more and more common.

Jemma and Alex then embarked on a 15-year journey passionately pursuing a business model where associates can find genuine joy and satisfaction in their job, financial reward, AND long-term prospects. During this journey, Jen crossed their path, and very quickly became a key part of the leadership at Alba.

Jen brings 20 years’ experience leading people and has a unique and priceless ability to bring more out of yourself than you knew you had in there! She creates an environment where everybody finds themselves more passionate about each other than they thought possible, and is the orchestrator of the culture and spirit that you will feel the moment you come near team Alba!

If you want to be a part of something truly special, where YOUR growth and long-term prospects are just as important as the world-class care the patients have come to expect to receive, get in touch today! Email or visit