Chiropractor Santa Monica, California

$50,000 - $110,000 yearly
  • Vitality Health Center
  • 2232 Santa Monica Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA, USA
  • Dec 30, 2021
Full Time Associate

Job Description

  • Perform spinal adjustments and other bodily adjustments  with the purpose of correcting the musculoskeletal system
  • Perform medical examinations with focus on the patient’s posture and spinal condition
  • Diagnose any health problems by looking at the patient‘s medical history and information provided during observational questions and examination
  • Monitor neuromuscular skeletal system functioning and spinal performance through chiropractic diagnosis – monitor the patient’s vital signs
  • Perform medical testing as required
  • Create a treatment plan and management plan that is to be followed by the patient
  • Utilize special chiropractic equipment for treatment purposes
  • Modify the joints of the spine via the use of special devices and bare hands
  • Inform patients on the appropriate exercises to help rehabilitate and achieve speedy recovery
  • Complete paperwork and keep a medical file for each patient
  • Maintain complete client confidentiality for their medical files and other paperwork

Alternative Salary Info

Pay based on experience