Recruit a Chiropractor in Alabama

The state of Alabama contains relatively few Chiropractic Clinics. As such, the recruitment of chiropractors or chiropractic assistants can be difficult and challenging to get right.

When your business comes to look at recruitment, there are a good number of things you can do to make the process simpler and easier.


Where to start

First, make sure you put a good level of detail into a job posting.

Make the title catch the eye! A basic “Chiropractor Wanted” may very well explain what you’re looking for, but it doesn’t really do a whole lot to help sell the role to a potential candidate.

We would always recommend tying something a little more eye-catching, something like; “Exciting new position for experienced Associate” Such a title does a significantly better job of selling the role and therefore it is more likely to attract candidates. At the same time you’re still telling them what the job is about. Don’t let your own thoughts about the role cloud your creativity, you’ve still got to inject some enthusiasm into it or you won’t get much interest.

When you come to write the job posting, be sure to get some emotive wording into the wording. Try to use words like “new” and “vibrant” or “bustling” and similar words that help create an atmosphere and a vibe. Tell the story of your business, this helps make it more interesting to others, your story makes it all the more attractive to the right person.

Another key factor is knowing who you want, as in what kind of person would fit the job and your business, this ensures you get someone who will stay long-term. For example; if you’re after someone who would be a good fit in a small-town clinic within a tight-knit community, then make sure you tell them that in the posting.

Conversely, if you’re more interested in a high-volume adjustor, someone who would be a better fit for a larger clinic dealing with many more patients, again you need to make that clear.

If you leave this important part out you’ll likely end up with the wrong type of people applying. Or worse, you’ll end up hiring the wrong person.


Where to post?

The most successful place to recruit is online. This is in fact true for most jobs in the modern world, but especially so for chiropractors within a large state like Alabama.

Online is almost always the very first place people look when they are looking for a new chiropractic job, or when they are considering leaving an existing job. Therefore, you need to be online with your job posting, somewhere easy to find with good exposure and good online listings.

It is also good to consider the posting of a premium or sponsored listing. These are pushed to the top of search results and as such always capture more attention. As a result, they get more applications and have a wider pool of talent to pick from.


To post a job for your next chiropractor, wherever you are in Alabama, list with Chiro Recruit today!