Recruit a Chiropractor in Alaska

Across the state of Alaska there are relatively few Chiropractic Clinics, as such, recruitment can be difficult and challenging.

When it comes to looking to recruit a chiropractor, however, there are a good number of things you can do in order to make it easier and less arduous a process.


Where to start?

The first thing to do is to provide good detail for a job posting. The key element of which is the title, a simple “Chiropractor Wanted” might sum up what you’re looking for nicely, but it doesn’t exactly sell it.

Something more like “Exciting new position for experienced Associate” does a much better job whilst saying the same basic thing. Even if you think the role isn’t that exciting, you’ve still got to get some kind of enthusiasm into it.

Then write the job posting with some emotion in it, use words like “new” and “vibrant” or “bustling” or other words that build an atmosphere. Tell the story of your company a little bit and make sure that’s matching with the kind of person you’re after.

If you want someone who likes the idea of working in a small-town clinic within a tight-knit community, then get that across in the posting.

If, however, you’re more interested in a high-volume adjustor who will fit into a larger clinic dealing with many more patients, then that needs to come across – otherwise you’re likely to end up with the wrong candidates applying.


Where to post?

When it comes to hiring chiropractors today, realistically the most successful place to recruit is online.

It is the first-place people look when they are seeking out a new chiropractic job or they’re thinking of leaving their current role. So, you need to be online with your job posting, somewhere easy to find with good exposure and good online listings.

It is often recommended that you post premium or sponsored listings that are pushed to the top of search results as you’ll always capture more attention that way, get more applications and have a wider pool of talent to pick from.


To post a job for your next chiropractor, wherever you are in Alaska, list with Chiro Recruit today!