Recruit a Chiropractor in Arkansas

Across Arkansas there are relatively few Chiropractic Clinics when compared to other states of similar size. As a result, recruitment of chiropractors or chiropractic assistants can be difficult and challenging. Low number of clinics often translates to a low number of candidates.

When your clinic is looking at recruitment in such circumstances there a number of tips and tricks to remember in order to make sure you hire the right person.


Where to start

First rule, make sure you’re giving a good level of detail in your job posting. If the description is too short or too ambiguous, you’ll put off applicants.

Second thing, make the title pop! If you’re going with a title like “Chiropractor Wanted” this might explain what you’re looking for, but it isn’t really doing a good job of selling it to a potential candidate.

Our advice would be to try something more attention-grabbing, for example; “Exciting new position for experienced Associate” is going to be more likely to attract candidates. At the same time, it’s still telling someone what the job is about. The injection of enthusiasm is very important.

When you write your job posting aim to get some emotion into it. We recomendusing words like “new” and “vibrant” or “bustling” and similar words that are emotive and designed to create an atmosphere. Make sure you tell the story of your business in the post. Stories help make jobs sound more interesting to others, therefore they’re more likely to attract the right person.

Third tip, you need be sure about the sort of person you want working for you, this is the only way to stand a good chance of filling the job long-term. If you are looking for somebody who’d be the type to fit into working at a small-town clinic with a tight-knit community around it, then make sure you’re saying that in the posting.

Of course, on the flip side, if your clinic would be a better fit for a high-volume adjustor, someone who would fit into a larger and busier workspace and be comfortable dealing with many more patients, then that needs to be made clear in the wording of the posting.

Missing out this vital part of the process will generally land you with the wrong kind of person applying. Or worse, you’ll end up hiring the wrong person.


Where to post?

The most successful place to recruit is online. Whereas this is undeniably true for most jobs in the modern world, it is especially so for chiropractors within a large state like Arkansas.

The internet is the first-place people look when they are ready to search for a new chiropractic job, or when they’re considering leaving their current job. Therefore, you need to have your job posting somewhere easy to find with good exposure and good online listings.

Sometimes a premium or sponsored listing can be useful, depending on how quickly you need the job filled. These listings are pushed to the top of search results and therefore always get more attention. As a result, they get more applications and have a wider pool of talent to pick from.


To post a job for your next chiropractor, wherever you are in Arkansas, list with Chiro Recruit today!