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Major Athletics Events Supported by Chiropractors

Major Athletics Events Supported by Chiropractors

A group of 11 chiropractors are supporting major athletics events in the UK this summer.

The group are part of the main medical service supporting the The World Para-Athletics Championships 14th-23rd July and IAAF World Championships 4th – 13th August. It is the first time that both these championships have been hosted by the same city in the same year.

The group are part of the COPS team (Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Sports Massage) and are working as primary contact clinicians alongside sports doctors, pharmacists, nurses and radiologists at the warm up track directly next to the stadium, treating athletes, coaches and officials from all countries.
Meriel Davis, sports chiropractor and member of the BCA currently working at the Para-Athletics Championships, says “It’s an amazing opportunity to be involved where the different professions are working together as a team providing ‘athlete-centred care’. This is the start of great things to come for healthcare professionals but, for athletes, it also ensures that they have access to the best care possible when competing away from home.”

“The para-athletes have been awe-inspiring in their strength and ability and an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Source: BCA