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In chiropractic school, it was not uncommon for classmates to start to pair off with each other. If you have any kind of Christian background than yes I am talking in the “biblical sense.”  Kidding aside, it does makes sense.  We spent every waking moment either in class, studying together outside of class or imbibing with each other on the weekends to forget the first, two scenarios.  Interestingly enough, I would say from my chiropractic class alone there are at a minimum five couples who have since gotten married and have started families.  What does this have to do with the Netherlands?   My friend who, as I put it, married the “Flying Dutchmen.” Her now husband, came to the States just to go to chiropractic school.  His dad was an American who married a Dutch woman and had opened a chiropractic office years ago just outside of Amsterdam. They got married. My friend moved with him to the Netherlands, starting learning Dutch and was able to take a chiropractic position within the family business.  The last pictures I saw of them with their boys traveling to Spain looked like she was enjoying her new European lifestyle.   Have you considered taking a job in the Netherlands? If you haven’t keep reading to find out if this unique country could be right for you.   Unchartered Waters Since the Netherlands are known for their connection with water I will do my best to incorporate some nautical terms. Uncharted waters means, there still isn’t a strong settlement of chiropractors yet in the country. The NCA or Netherlands Chiropractors Association, states that the profession is growing but there are only 240 recognized chiropractors in the entire country! That's only 1.5 chiropractors for every 100,000 residents. It’s easy to see that the Netherlands have a big need or lots of space for some alternative health care practitioners.   Healthcare Chiropractors might be in limited quantities but they are still mighty and have been recognized by the government as a professional organization.  What does that mean? Almost all health care insurances in the Netherlands have some kind of reimbursement or coverage for chiropractic care. Check this out…a standard google search revealed chiropractors around the Amsterdam area charge between 45-60 euros (sorry I don’t have the euro symbol on my keyboard) for a routine adjustment.  I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to $55-70 per adjustment! However, if memory serves me, the office my friend went to go work for was cash only…hmmmm..summers in Spain.  Too bad I didn’t meet this guy first.   Rumor Has it…. Now I don’t know if this is still true.  I couldn’t find any factual information on the subject but there was one bit of information my friend had told me about the Netherlands before she left that I always found interesting.  The government does recognize chiropractic but at least back then (6 years ago) it was not super regulated which meant that chiropractors did not have to do SOAP notes.  After she came back from visiting the clinic, she told us they were seeing 500 patient visits/week with no notes needing to be done! Again, I don’t know if that is still the case but it may be worth investigating.  Heck, even if the amount of paperwork was lessened or not as strict it would be a huge plus for working in the Netherlands.     The Weather, the People, the Intrigue I don’t know if Amsterdam has the same effect on other Europeans, but just mentioning the city to an American always raises an eyebrow and seems to come with lots of interesting stereotypes.  I have heard it’s also a beautiful country with amazing architecture, surrounded by history, filled with open minded residents and some pretty tasty food. I had a short lay over once in Amsterdam and I remember the beer was good even in the airport (spoken like a true American, sigh). The weather appears to be pretty mild with cool summers and mild winters. If you like warm/hot weather this is not the place for you.  If you enjoy weather between 35-65 degrees all year round, then get some waterproof gear, a bike and get peddling over to the Netherlands.   For more information check out the chiropractic foundation of the Netherlands (SCN) or the Netherlands Chiropractors Association (NCA) for more information.  Kassandra Schultz DC    
If you have ever gotten to the point in business where you are more owner than operator its unique.  Your friends and family think you sit around all day sipping cocktails and watching soap operas or the better scenario (and my personal favorite) is sitting on the beach all day, sipping cocktails and counting money. Oh how I wish!  The truth is many business owners still may have sleepless nights even when things are humming along.  For me, it doesn’t matter how long my businesses are fully staffed I am always poised in the corner waiting to be put back in.  I try and preemptively know when things are going south but these things are tricky and employees not always fair, honest and sometimes volatile.  When the phone rings, and an unexpected staffing crisis has emerged just know that when handled properly it can be one of the best things for your business.  1)  Every Organization Needs an Enema Every Now and Then I love this phrase! It doesn’t matter how many times I hear it, say it or now write it, it makes me giggle. Sometimes people in one place for too long creates drama.  I think humans naturally crave variety and the office gossip, alliances, clicks, and rumor mongering are ways you know your staff maybe getting too comfortable. Plus let’s face it, some people are too much work and drama from the start. (Beware of the crazy eyes!) Or the opposite is true and apathy sets in. This is the harder of the two scenarios to figure out.  It’s quieter and much more insidious. I know because this is what happened to one of my business in the last month.  Slow withdrawal and lack of caring from a manager can become a cancer and if it’s not excised early enough can metastasized to the rest of the staff and even to the clientele. 2)  You have too For me this was a no brainer.  I had to go back to work in this particular situation.  Not only was there not enough man power but I had to assess the situation at hand.  I needed a feel of how the business was running during normal operational hours and testing the waters of the current team in place, the clientele and scoping the place out for some new talent. Sometimes when push comes to shove and you are stuck between a rock and a hard place, having no other options except to go back to work can be the best thing possible.  Plus, you can sleep again once the crisis has been adverted and everything returns back to normal.  3)  Who’s ever left either rises to the occasion or falls to the side It’s amazing to watch the rest of a team rise up once a bad manager leaves.  (I have seen this more than once).  A bad manager, keeps everyone below him or her operating at substandard levels and employees you thought weren’t very good actually didn’t have the proper guidance, help, training and support.  It may shock the hell out of you to find how much better a business can run when a bad higher up is no longer in the picture. John C Maxwell would call this “The Law of the Lid” Principle.  4)  You can clean up the details of your operation, re-inspire your team and take your business to the next level with people who want to If your name is on the lease and your signature is on the paychecks, than it’s up to you to rally the troops.  You may be facing some bad publicly because who knows what’s been said about you while you were sipping cocktails on the proverbial beach and counting the money. You have to go in, clean up the systems get whoever’s remaining fired up and immediately set out to find some new talent.   This whole process is certainly not easy or straightforward. It may take weeks or months. I’m estimating my latest upheaval will be about 6-8 weeks before things truly settle down.  You know what’s happened in the process? I remembered how much I enjoy the business and interestingly enough all my businesses performed at significant higher levels in October than in September.  I believe a good majority of that is cleaning house and allowing those who are good at their jobs to do their jobs and not be distracted by their co-workers BS.  If you need some fresh faces check out for more information. Kassandra Schultz D.C
80 hours a week, 14 days in a row..leads me to a very hard learned lesson.  What is the lesson? If you are a manager, general manager or business owner who develops, hires and/or trains employees the lesson is always be recruiting . When you’re not always on the hunt for new talent that’s when the old talent is going to leave you hanging. Have you ever noticed that when you don’t have extra money sitting in the bank the car breaks down, the roof needs to be replaced or your kid needs braces?   Big financial problems seem to be the worst when you don’t have any money.  It works the same when running a business.  As soon as you start to have one employee issue or a shortage it can very easily spiral out of control.   If you want to avoid this sticky situation in the future than check out my top three to always be mindful when it comes to your team.   They all go Lame Whenever I get the opportunity to hang out with people who successfully run more businesses than me, have a ton of money or in some fashion have killed it professionally I try and pick their brains as much as they will let me.  I forgot where I heard the “they all go lame” line but the longer I run businesses the more I believe it.   At first it can be a very hard pill to swallow.  Just saying it out loud makes me cringe. If it’s not something you can get on board with right now, than let it sit in your noggin and percolate for a while and let me know if it starts to ring true.   The biggest lesson I gleaned from this statement is, even your most loyal, dedicated, great at the job employee will someday not do that job anymore (that includes you).  Some factors in this world that have absolutely nothing to do with the business, owner or manager can almost overnight change that employees ability to function and operate in their current position.  Marriages, boyfriends/girlfriends (worse if they have both), divorces, births, deaths, etc. can and inevitably will impact performance. I think the key here is knowing and accepting these facts of life and prepare for unexpected changes.   Longevity Previously how the western world was set up was an employee worked in the same company the majority of their life. 25-30 years of hard work and loyalty would get them two weeks paid vacation, health insurance, 401k’s and a pension.   It worked for both sides of the coin.  Companies had dedicated, well-trained workers for years and employees had stability, benefits and eventual retirement benefits for their loyalty.  Besides working for the US government now rarely to ever find this to be true.  If I hear of someone working for the same company for 10+ years plus it almost seems like a radical idea. The lesson here? Don’t count on employees sticking around forever (refer back to #1).  If a better offer comes up they are out of there.  If it benefits them you may be short staffed within minutes or days.   Nepotism The silent despot of leadership teams throughout the world.   Oh well Susie has been around for x amount of years and I know she isn’t performing like how she used to be but I really like her.  Yeah she does gossip sometimes, or she doesn’t get her work done or the numbers for the business are declining under her watch but we are friends and so I just can’t let her go.   This example above has gotten me into more trouble than I care to mention.  I try and treat everyone on my teams fairly but it’s still a two way street.  You can give someone all the support, training and tools they need to be successful but it’s still up to them to do the job correctly and perform at the level you’re asking.    I swear, I wasn’t angry when I wrote this. Think of this blog as a cautionary tale.  Maybe a little far-fetched and you know this couldn’t possibly ever happen to you, with your employees or your business but the best way to prevent a disaster is to watch for the signs of one in progress.  If you are getting even an inkling of trouble it maybe time to consider putting an ad on and seeing what possibilities are out there. Kassandra Schultz D.C
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