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Many doctors refer their patients to chiropractors for a more focused treatment for their musculoskeletal problems. Some people also go there because of a friend’s recommendation. While word of mouth has always been an excellent way of spreading the word about small businesses, it is hardly enough to help them grow. If anything, a chiropractic clinic needs to be marketed online to attract more people. However, digital marketing for your chiropractic practice is more than just about growing your patient list. When you market your chiropractic services, you can take it as an opportunity to provide accurate information about the entire complementary medical practice itself. Keep in mind that there’s so much misinformation about chiropractic, including the idea that it’s expensive, that it only treats back and neck pain, and that it’s not safe for children. By engaging in digital marketing, you should be able to provide content that addresses all the wrong information about chiropractic care and tells your target audience about its many benefits. Marketing your chiropractic practice online also puts you in a position to be an authority in the industry. Through blog and social media posts, you can provide advice that will help people maintain their musculoskeletal health or address minor joint pains and aches by themselves, among other things. You can also use email campaigns, engaging website copy, and high-quality images and videos that show your chiropractic practice in action to establish your credibility and reputation in the business. Digital marketing also gives you the chance to build trust and loyalty by engaging with your audience, like responding to their questions on your posts on your blog or social media accounts. Digital marketing can bring all of the above benefits to your chiropractic practice and more. If you’re considering digital marketing for your practice, check out the infographic below for chiropractic marketing strategies that work.    About the Author Anthony Vought is the Content Marketer of   Digital Chiropractic Marketing , a team of expert web designers and digital marketing strategists who help chiropractors boost their practice's digital presence. He makes the most of his free time reading graphic novels and going for trail hikes with his colleagues and friends.
​If you haven't already check out the first blog in this series, " How to Get More Chiropractic Patients by Making a Few Simple & Free Changes to Your Website," I would highly recommend it. Knowing how to boost traffic to your website for free is a nice piggy back to the paid versions. Because more often then naught, you need one to do the other. Let's say you have done the majority of the free resources for your website, now it's time to cough up a little cold, hard cash and see what a buck (or a pound) can do for you. 1​. Google My Business: My chiropractic office is little and a one woman show, so most of my new patients are generally referrals and word of mouth. A colleague was telling me I must set up a Google My Business account. I'm not kidding, it has been well worth it. The initial set-up is free and then you get to decide how much money you would like to spend on advertising weekly. When I first set mine up, I did a small amount like $50 every two weeks and I asked my top ten favorite patients to write me a Google review. Like magic, my phone started ringing off the proverbial hook! Since then, when I ask new patients who aren't referrals how they heard about me, it's always "you have great reviews on Google!" Depending on how much money you have to spend and how much you work, you can play with the metrics and decide what works best for you and your business. 2​. Online Ads: If you live in the US and are over the age of 30, then you may remember phone books or the yellow pages. I still think they print these, but who has looked at one in the last ten years? Phone books are long gone and have been replaced by online marketing. Even though that's nothing new, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to run ads on Facebook that still reach your target market while being cost effective. I remember for our kickboxing gyms, 8 years ago the cheapest and easiest thing to do was to run ads on FB. All that has changed and if you have the money I do recommend hiring someone to do the ads for you. Ad people are better at copy and pictures plus with running the demographics it can certainly be a full time job. Not to mention if you are also advertising on other platforms like Instagram, Linkedin, etc. A well run online ad campaign either on Google or social media can have massive impact and increase traffic flow to your front door sometimes overnight. 3​. Blogging: I can't even count how many times I have heard business owners say, "I need to blog more." Heck, I can't even count how many times I have said that. With that being said, properly written blogs create free content for your audience, helps build trust and can even improve your SEO. If you find you aren't a wordsmith or you simple do not have the time, there are writers out there qualified to write for you (like me! Yes I know that was a shameless plug). 4​. Guest Blogs: as a continuation of #3 besides hiring a writer to create new content, you can also have a highly qualified, well-known person in your field/industry write a blog for you. Depending on the person I imagine this could be costly but its all about brand names, name recognition and sponsors. A "celebrity" in your field may add a lot of street cred to your own personal brand. For chiropractic my first thought would be someone like Dr. Mercola. I hope you found these four paid tips helpful for your chiropractic office. I'll leave you with these famous words by Plautus… You must spend money to make money Kassandra Schultz DC  
If 2020 has taught us even one thing for business success, it's that businesses have to be even more polished, refined and "in the know" when it comes to being a presence online. Rinky-dink websites are not going to drive traffic, make people interested in what you are selling and most importantly will not convert someone to a paying customer. Now is the time more than ever, to spruce up that chiropractic website to help launch your business into 2021. The biggest key to remember when working with your websites, landing pages, social media, etc is that if your traffic increases but your conversions decrease then you are barking up the wrong tree. As you tinker with some of these suggestions, it's important to check your Google Analytics (which is free) to make sure that an uptick in traffic correlates to an uptick in getting more customers to buy from you or patients to make inquiries. I don't know about you, but 2020 was not the kindest to our business bottom line so let's start with the freebies. Here are some ways you can tighten up your online presence for free. Get Listed in Online Directories I have to admit, this can go into either the free or paid section. There are different versions of online directories out there some for free and some for some $$ but either way online directories are a great way to help people who are interested in you, find you. You are ranked higher on google searches, you are specifically targeting your niche audience and online directories can help boost your SEO. Who doesn't need a little more search engine optimization for free? Post to Social Media I would hope at this point in the game, this one would be a no-brainer. Yet not all posts on social media or social media platforms are created equal when it comes attracting the customers you actually want. Here are a couple free tips for social media: 1. Use Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin for your business posting. Unless you really, really love TikTok and your product targets teenage girls, I'm not sure how many patients are going to be watching TikTok videos in search of their next chiropractor. 2. Use Hashtags.. .#BackPain, #LowBackPain, #Spine, #Headaches, #PreventativeCare, #ChiropracticCare, #Chiropractic. ..the list could go on for a millennium, so I suggest pick a handful or do a google search and see what pops up. No need to reinvent the wheel. 3. Use Long-Tail Keywords which are 3+ words used to search for something specific. Again this is where Google can be your friend. Google things that you think patients would type into Google in order to find you. "Can chiropractic help with headaches?" "Can I go to the chiropractor if I'm pregnant?" Then from there, you can add longer keywords to your posts to help direct potential patients to you. It's like getting into the mind of your client and knowing what they want before they even know what they want. 4. Stalk Your Competition, this one is a favorite of mine. (It's my polish blood, I can't help but be nosey.) On Linkedin, FB and IG follow your competition. I like their pages, I follow what they are up to and sometimes I commandeer things like hashtags. It's a good way to try to stay ahead or stay different from your competitors. I also follow people from all over the country (and even other countries) too see what's up. 5. Engage with Your Online Audience, if you are going to do all the work of making sure your posts, hashtags, long-tail keywords, etc are on point then make sure to finish with the last piece of the puzzle. That is, if people start commenting on your posts, then you (or hire someone) to reply and engage with them. The more likes, comments, engagements a post gets it's like more free advertising. It pushes your post to the top of pages and more people will see it. Check out part two of this blog to find out some simple, but paid ways to boost your online presence and performance. Kassandra Schultz DC
We are proud to launch our new job board  OJO Our job board provides osteopaths with access to some of the best and latest available jobs in osteopathy across the globe. We aim to provide one place globally for osteopaths to find “osteopathy jobs near me” or to search for osteopathy jobs abroad. Using our easy search interface, you can quickly refine jobs down to those that meet your criteria. Furthermore, by signing-up for job alerts osteopaths can pro-actively receive new job notifications directly in their in-box. For launch and the considerable future standard job postings for osteopaths or clinics for sale are free of charge and will be extended to Google for Jobs and across our Social Media sites. Further reach and enhancement can be achieved with our paid postings. Please pay OJO a visit and if you have any feedback regarding our new site, or possible suggestions for future enhancements, please  contact us.
The blogs of November and December 2020, have had a focus of reflection and brainstorming changes and shifts that need to be made as we navigate a Covid world. The quick shift to moving so many aspects of our lives online has been nothing short of miraculous.  From the grandiose to the mundane, it seemed like our entire flipped upside down overnight and the push to be as remote as possible seemed to happen in an instant.  However, the nagging question that keeps pestering at me 2:00am is, how can actual in person chiropractic, hands on services be more remote? As far as my brain goes, I have not come up with an answer for that yet.  I don’t see the possibilities of performing adjustments over Zoom anytime in the near future but I did have another thought.   Stay with me. Maybe we can come up with some online remedies to help mitigate any restrictions that we may face inside our practices.  If we can’t do adjustments on zoom, what could be some other things we could do online to stay profitable?  First off, please tell me you have a website and some kind of online presence.  I would assume we all do, but you know what happens when you assume.  Occasionally, I do run into people who have completely boycotted any kind of online stuff. If you don’t have a website or it needs some major improvements I have a guy for you! He re-did mine and it looks fabulous. Thru a website and online presence we can then build other streams of income into it. This is the part where we can get creative.  Let’s say, your office has to be shut down or everyone around is shut down and your patience numbers are declining rapidly, what could be some other ways of still generating income? Break it down, what do we know? We got ourselves some fancy degrees that encompass all kinds of things like nutrition, supplements, stretches, exercises, etc.  Simple things would be putting a link with some descriptions of supplements that patients could buy from.  I think a great place to start would be supplements for the immune system. What about putting together a presentation on how to keep yourself healthy while stuck at home? That could be put into one of those teachable platforms, make a little online course with it and sell it.  Or you could invite your patients through Zoom for your presentation and then at the end try and sell them on supplements. How about a morning exercise routine and an evening stretching routine to help with stress and anxiety? What are the top five ways to combat stress during a pandemic? What are the top five ways to stay healthy, which foods to eat, etc for a robust immune system? (Wow I have lots of blog ideas now). You could create a home program to help combat the effects of terrible posture due sitting in front of the TV all day. When my mind races at all hours of the night, I’m searching for ways that I can make my business more profitable and have different ways to make money.  I don’t think relying on the doors always being opened is a safe bet right now.  In other ways, how can you contribute to the market place? How can you give your patient’s more value? Kassandra Schultz DC
Hey, how was trying to run a chiropractic business in 2020? Unless you were the toilet paper companies, it got really rough there for a lot of us.  Especially those businesses which still operated in the four walls of brick and mortar and didn’t necessarily have all the benefits of moving everything online.   We might be good, but I don’t know if any of us who are good enough to adjust someone over zoom.  Hey maybe that’s just me.  Fortunately for me, my little chiropractic office was not mandated to shut down in my state (we were deemed essential) however for the months of March, April and May I can say my patient visits were down probably at least 60%.  Not to mention my gyms were completely shut down for almost three months.  This is not me complaining, I (and others) were actually really surprised when the whole world, including the US did mandatory shut downs.  At least the folks I know, most small businesses took a beating this year.  Politics and opinions aside; I decided for myself, my family and my businesses I needed to do a brainstorming session of how to make my businesses more stable and yet pivotable during these uncertain times. Don’t we all want to make ourselves a little more bullet proof when it comes to change and uncertainty?  I thought we could ask ourselves some questions, do some planning and vision work as we move thru the final month of 2020.  Also as we brainstorm, try not and judge any of the ideas that pop into your head or what you write down.  Some ideas might seem outlandish or down right silly but keep plugging away because sometimes one crazy idea leads to another to another which could end up being the game changer.   Moving into 2021…..  (These do not have to be done in any specific order, feel free to jump around as the spirit move you). What would or will your company look like? Are you still in the same office, remote, more or less employees, same services offered? Anything that needs to be freshened up, modified, changed? Do you need to change your prices?  Were you able to stay viable, relevant and keep up with the changes of 2020? If not, what were some of the biggest failings? What things did you do well with?How long did it take you to pivot, if you needed to pivot? If you could repeat 2020 again, what would you have done differently in the years and months leading up to the pandemic? What could you have done to be more prepared? Could you use those things to get yourself prepared in the event 2020 keeps on keeping on into 2021? Do you like any of the changes you had to make because of the pandemic? How could you make those better? Any changes you hate? How could you mitigate some of the changes you haven’t been as fond of? What would you be willing to change in your business to accommodate Covid restrictions? What would those changes look like? Do you have the team in place to weather these changes? Does your team need to change? As you brainstorm through these questions, this may take more than one session.  Our businesses become such a big part of our lives, it’s hard sometimes to really take a good long look at them. If we are to have successful, viable offices that survive these turbulent times the only thing we can do is keep fighting the good fight and figuring out how we can change when we need to change.  Cheers to 2021, I wish you all much stability, peace of mind & prosperity!   Kassandra Schultz D.C.
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