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As I continue to evolve as a business owner, I have said on multiple occasions I wish I was a profiler for the FBI. If you don’t know what a profiler does, they are really good at reading all the little cues someone gives during interactions. All the signs, eye blinking, story telling that someone gives are tell-tale signs. The profiler is really good at assessing their psychological, mental and emotional states of the person sitting in front of them.   Wouldn’t that be an amazing skill to have when your hiring someone? Wouldn’t it be helpful to interact with a potential new hire and know they are lying? According to almost 60% of applicants are caught lying on their resumes! Think about it, those are just the ones who are caught doing it. I know I sound like I have lost total faith in the current work force.  That's not true, but if you have been in business long enough you know the detrimental effects a bad hire can have from diminishing team morale, poor performance, loss of revenue and sometimes the biggest thing of all, your sanity. Here is a great example of time wasted. We had probably the worst hire ever last November and she worked for us for maybe a month.  I’m writing this in June, and she is still fighting the appeal process for unemployment.  I’m not kidding when I say if she worked that hard at her job as she did with unemployment, she would still be employed.  As a business owner, you know all of this.  From altering time clocks, love affairs gone bad, secret families, poor work ethics, etc lets dive into why we need to become our own personal profiler for the sake of our businesses, bottom lines and our mental well-being.   Desperation First let’s start at the beginning, do you know why most businesses hire the wrong person? I’ve learned this the hard way too…desperation. All of a sudden you find yourself short staffed and you need someone ASAP.  It’s like getting out a relationship and you are desperate for another one. You might find yourself lowering your standards to try and fit the next person who comes along into the role.  In my experience, hiring out of severe need or desperation always comes back to haunt me.  Remember the unemployment example? Yep…6 months of my life spent cleaning up one bad decision. Even if it takes a few weeks longer, holding out for the right candidate can and will in the long run make your life easier.   Financial Ramifications It depends on the position and how much they are getting paid.  The stats are showing it can cost upwards of 30% of that employee’s first year earnings.  Think about what goes into a new hire.  There are interview costs, training costs, unemployment and if they get feisty than you might be looking at a lawsuit.  For a small business, if the position is a managerial one, a bad hire can be a true threat to the health and longevity of the business.   Productivity A great example (or a poor one I learned) is a bad manager will definitely ruin the ability for the business to make money and generally leads to lower customer satisfaction. When customers aren’t satisfied they spend less money with you and don’t refer new business. Team Morale There isn’t anything like having an employee that everyone can’t stand working with.  The rest of the team doesn’t want to come to work and then usually don’t perform as well.  If it’s a manger that the rest of the employees don’t like or are afraid of it’s no fun for anyone to walk on egg shells.  As the business owner if you interact with your employees I believe you should generally like them (most of the time).    Bounce Back I have found that sometimes the come back after a bad, key employee has been terminated can take months to recover. You have mitigate the damage done work by that employee.  Improving team morale and it takes time to recoup money lost or wasted.   Before all the business owners of the world decide to pull a John Gault move from Atlas Shrugged let me leave you with one final thought.  This is a quote from one of my favorite guys in business…  If you wake up three days in a row thinking about an employee and you are not having s*x with them, you need to fire them.” -Dan Kennedy Kassandra Schultz D.C    
As massive corporations continue to grow, it’s sometimes hard to imagine that a small, local business would have the same threats.  In my mind, if I’m going to rob a business wouldn’t I want to target the ones with all the money? I’m not saying small business owners aren’t successful but it’s usually at a different level than a major multi-million/billion dollar enterprise.  I did some investigating and discovered that according to the 71% of all cyber attacks are on small businesses.  Part of the reasoning is that a lot of small businesses are not equipped to deal with the fall out from an attack.  It takes financial resources for lawyers, enough capitol to wait out the storm and the money to rebuild both online and/or the actual facility. Especially as chiropractors, we need to be vigilant in protecting electronic health records.  There is more to it than that, we need to be able to protect our on-line assets as well as the brick and mortar. Keep reading to learn about some of the top ways we can protect our chiropractic offices.   Online: We have personal and business bank accounts, savings, retirement, emails, patient records, etc. so here are some ways to secure up in cyber land. Secure your WIFI …what does that mean exactly? Well this is what my friend Google had to say: “Use a secure WPA password Check for rogue WI-FI access points Provide a separate network for guests Hide your network name Enable MAC authentication for your users Use a VPN” Encryption… is a process that encodes a message or file so that it can be only be read by certain people. Firewall…. Make sure all company devices are up to date with the latest software, antivirus protections and firewall protections. Passwords… Teach your employees what constitutes a strong password and require that they use strong passwords for any and all work devices and accounts. Plus always a good idea to not use the same password for everything. Employees… limit who has access to protected information and once they no longer work for you delete their access. Brick & Mortar Check it out… do a building check before and after work. Walk around the perimeter inside and out and make sure nothing seems amiss. Cameras… I’m not sure about cameras in adjusting rooms but in hallways, front and back doors, the waiting room, etc. I like Arlo, they are easy to set-up, the app is user friendly and it’s very simple to login on your tablet and/or phone and check out whats going on. Keys… Distribute as few keys as possible to employees and keep track of who has Once they leave the company, make sure you get the key back or have the locks re-keyed. New Doors, Windows & Locks… reinforced steel, wood doors, fancy commercial- grade locks, heavy duty window locks or bars on the windows will all help reduce an attempted break-in. Plus don’t forget to do the same for the inside where protected information or expensive equipment is housed. Break out the Shredder… always be sure and shred confidential information. My favorite way to do it is by sending it a company who does shredding so that way there is mishap in accidentally leaking private information.
The famous Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport Iowa has received a $100,000 grant by the Regional Development Authority (RDA) to support campus development plans. A state-of-the-art learning and study environment is one of the first planned major projects for the campus. Dennis Marchiori, D.C., Ph.D, chancellor and CEO of Palmer announced that the grant will “enable the college to continue its tradition of delivering leading educational experiences for future chiropractors.” Palmer has invested more than $50 million in capital improvements on its main campus and conservatively adds $156 million to the local economy each year. Over 900 students are enrolled at the main campus with planned enhancements set to increase to 1,200 students in the coming years. For more information please visit
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