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    Life Balance Chiropractic Poole, UK
    Position Summary We have an exciting opportunity for a switched-on Associate Chiropractor to support a growing chiropractic centre. The successful candidate will have some recent experience and a willingness to be open to learn. You are a dynamic, articulate, proactive, confident and well organized individual with a common-sense approach and excellent attention to detail. Who can work well both individually and as a key member of a growing team. You have great communication and interpersonal skills. Key responsibilities ·   Proactively seek opportunities for improvement and efficiency on all processes. ·   Assist other departments on request ·   To provide full support to the company in giving our clients the best possible chiropractic experience ·   Excellence in delivering the best chiropractic care possible that is truly client centred based on their goals. ·   Responsible to work with your team to refine your skills in all aspects of being a successful chiropractor and ensuring you meet all CPD and GCC requirements. ·   Refine Spread and live our culture, philosophy and core values. ·   Partake in clinic and community programs that will enhance the brand in the community. Other Detail ·   Full-time position 35 hours per week (Option to be employed or self employed) ·   First-class mentorship programme and CPD from inspired team ·   Support from team Weekly meetings, 121 coaching & more ·   Seaside town, with great schools, outdoor life, vibrant cultural and social scene. Qualifications: ·   BSc / Master of Chiropractic or equivalent qualification ·   UCA/BCA and Insurance registration ·   GCC registration If you are interested, please email us describing why you think you would be a good fit for the centre and preferably giving some indication about what you would personally do to grow your business and career with us. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified. Please apply here:  
    Oct 15, 2018

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The Next Evolution of Employment for Chiropractors     I was perusing through Chiropractic Economics and came across this article entitled “Chiropractic on the job: Worksites clinics attract more DC’s.”  This is a review/ summary of that article from issue #15: September 21, 2018.   Are DC’s who have owned and operated their own clinics for 10+ years really throwing in the towel to go and work for someone else?    Initially, even thinking about packing it up and getting a “real job” made my head hurt and my stomach nauseous.  It was like reading a horror story at first with real DC’s giving up their practices and going to work for corporate America. Corporate America or the idea of it for most small business owners in the US is equal to rules, suites and ties, stodgy colleagues sitting in small cubicles from 9:00a-5:00p and possibly selling your soul to the devil ( I added that one). The more I read the article, the more intrigued I became. I realized, for some people this would be ideal because they would no longer have to worry the stressors of running a business.    Check out the pro’s and con’s and why many chiropractors in the US are leaving behind their own practices for ‘worksite clinics.’   Pro’s Growing Industry             I can’t believe it’s growing when I didn’t even know it existed.  Major companies like Northrop Grumman, Honda, Coca-Cola and MillerCoors, government agencies, Wall Street, cities like Chicago and states like Montana are setting up clinics within or next to their operations.  It’s impressive the amount of services these clinics are offering. The idea is, the more services offered, the more comprehensive these become, which will reduce costs for the employers and raise employee satisfaction.  Who has time to schedule a visit with their doctor or get their adjustments outside of work? With these clinics, it makes healthcare more accessible and simpler. Clinics are offering a variety of services and with so many companies seeing a reduction in costs and patient satisfaction with using chiropractic care.  The trend is now looking at hiring a boat load of chiropractors throughout the US.   Here are some of the current services offered at many clinics: Immunizations Screenings Health Education Workplace Injuries Preventative Care Nutrition/Weight Management Smoking Cessation Primary Care (chronic and acute) Prescribing Healthcare Travel Medications Physical and Occupational Therapy Chiropractic Care Onsite Infusions   No BS Now this one I can definitely can on board with and makes perfect sense. If you work in a clinic for a big company, there is no marketing, overhead, payroll, expenses, scheduling, paying for continuing education, etc…the doctor can simply can come in see patients, do their notes, report to the MD and go home.  The stress of running a small business is eliminated.     All the Benefits Working for a big company does come with perks. Salary, some clinics offer a flexible schedule, paid vacations, health insurance, 401k and other benefits.  That is the American dream wrapped in one sentence!   Team Work With so many services offered in these clinics it gives chiropractors a chance to work alongside so many other healthcare professionals from MD’s, PT’s, OT’s, nutritionists it creates an atmosphere where working together to help the patient is rewarded.   Con’s Reporting Especially if your more of an old school chiropractor this one might be a sticking point. Data, notes, patient assessment and outcomes are reported to the clinic director which is usually a MD… gasp!   Loss of Autonomy Since you would be an employee and no longer the employer someone else will be setting your hours and giving you directions.  There will be a huge loss in independence so if your all about being the boss this is something to really think about.    Limited Services A chiropractor working in this setting won’t have free reign in all aspects of patient care.  They will have to work within the confines of what the clinic offers and some services maybe restricted to the chiropractor.  For example, if the clinic has a nutritionist the chiropractor might have a very limited scope of how much nutrition advice they are allowed to dispense because nutrition issues would be sent to the nutritionist instead.    Team Work Makes the Dream Work This setting is the opposite of private practice.  The ‘one man/woman show’ is out the door and working in conjunction with all sorts of traditional western medicine is in.  My guess is, ego’s would really have to be checked at the door and the reigns loosened to go from a private setting to a group clinic.   Lastly, I wasn’t sure if this last point is a pro or a con so I’m putting it at the end.  A final thought on this new concept.  Most of these clinics are hiring chiropractors who have been out in the field working a minimum of 3-5 years and some want even more experience.  If you have been digging in the trenches and are tired of the nonsense that can accompany small business ownership this may be a great fit for you which would be a pro.  If your coming right out of school, these big companies might tell you to come back in a few years with some experience…the con.   If you are in private practice for yourself, would you consider taking one of these positions?   Kassandra Schultz D.C
I think one of the most powerful things about owning a business is the ability to leverage making money without performing some or all of the service. This amazing gift requires one monumental thing…a great team. The hiring process can prove to be one of the more difficult tasks when it comes to running a successful business.  Unless you have worked for the government interrogating people it’s not easy to ask the right questions and decipher through a potential good or horrific candidate.    For example the candidate on paper who went to the right school, has a great background, says all the right things in the interview, looks the part, acts the part and then three months down the road they do a “Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” on you.  Your once perfect hire now has their secret wife calling the office because she wants to know when her husband is working and when he gets paid because his three children you knew nothing about are hungry.  Think I’m kidding? If something along these lines has happened to you, you have my condolences if not, well then you have something to look forward too.   To help with this often lengthy, time and money consuming process, I have been experimenting with a “group interview” process to help weed out the good from the bad candidates.   The next time you find yourself in need of a great team member try out my steps below.  So far I have tried it in two of my businesses and I have really enjoyed the simplicity and ease it has brought to my life when it comes to hiring.   10 Steps to Creating a Group Interview Set a day and a time for your group interview. This does not need to be a convenient day or time for people to come in. It’s preferred during a routine staff meeting.  (If you don’t do weekly, biweekly or monthly trainings you may want to strongly consider implementing one.) Place your ad. Decide in advance who you are hiring. Is this front desk staff or an associate doctor/independent contractor DC, etc? I recommend great websites like com .  Your business’s Facebook or Instagram accounts are good for recruiting too. INVITE EVERYONE…really? I can’t possibly hire the milkman to answer the phones.! (Shriek shriek!). How do you know? Remember above?…have you been perfect with hiring in the past? Have you made egregious errors in judgment? If you have, it may be time to try something new. You can always turn the milkman down later. All you do is give everyone a call, invite them to the group interview and print off all the resumes. If they don’t show up, those resumes go directly into the trash.  See? Already sorting through the pile. The Big Day: C ollect everyone’s names and numbers who attends Day 1. The easiest way for me was to check it off on their resumes.  If it’s a big group use name tags.  Trust me, the more candidates the better. Looking Good: You and your current staff should be happy, excited and be dressed to impress for the event. One of the most important concepts of the group interview is to set the tone for what it’s going to be like to work for you. Be sure your current team greets the candidates and interacts with them until the start time. Introductions: S tart with your current staff and have them introduce themselves and their role in the company. Systematically, have your candidates stand up and introduce themselves to the group and have them answer the question: “Why are you here?” Explain your business ..what I mean is what are some of the most important areas of your business and what will this particular group of candidates be responsible for? For example, someone applying to work the front desk is going to have a different set of responsibilities than hiring a DC or will they? If you want your potential new doctor to answer the phone, take patients off electrical muscle stimulation, sell packages of visits or put together claims for insurance companies than they need to know up front. I like to make this part as detailed and painful as possible. I have found that honesty of the manager/owner up front saves a lot of time, energy and money.  Replacing staff is in fact one of the biggest expenses to any business. Dreaded #7… This one I feel like I may get a bit of resistance with but bear with me. What I mean by a script is, let’s say you have had enough with insurance companies and you’re a cash practice and now you are selling packages of visits to your patients.  In order to make your life easier, create a script of how that should be presented to patient’s every time.  Print off a portion of that script, have your candidates pair up and listen to them as they do the script to each other. That’s right they have to Role Play. Are they resistant to doing it? Did you see eye rolling? Are they boring? Can they interact with other people? The same can be done if you are hiring a front desk person.  Make a little script for a phone call and have them do the same thing with the phone call.  I’m not even joking how much this little concept (#7) has revolutionized the ease and ability to select a good candidate. Role Play Some More: once the initial shock of this wears off, have them switch partners. I switch enough times that everyone meets each other. (There is a reason for this). Finisher: Once again, you go around the group and ask them, “Why should I hire you and one other person in this group?” (Do not allow them to cop out, make them pick someone else in the group and why).   Pretty crazy right? Here is the thing.  After #10, I already have another day and time set up for a return.  I usually do 2-3 days later and when they come back they need to have their resume, the application for employment filled out, availability and the script that they were working on memorized. If they show up for day #2 with all that, that is a well-qualified candidate.  Listen to their script, show them around the office and consider setting up a final interview.   If you’re in need of some great new additions to your team, consider the above 10 steps and let me know how it worked for you! What ideas or tricks do you have when it comes to hiring? Do you have a favorite question you like to ask or a quality you always look for?   Kassandra Schultz D.C  
In my recent quest to investigate the ups and downs of practicing chiropractic around the world, it would be a shame to not put Australia on the list.   I know for Americans, the idea of spending a couple of weeks vacationing in Australia would be nothing short of a dream come true.  From the beaches, the food, kangaroos, touring Sydney, I have never heard of a bad trip to Australia (at least among my circle of friends). The tales of their journey to literally the other side of the world, have been nothing short of spectacular.    First we will investigate how chiropractic works in the land down under and then why Australia could be one of the coolest places to live.   Chiropractic in Australia Australia is the third most populated in the world with chiropractors.  First is the US and second is the UK and Australia is not backing down in terms of development and how they want to move the profession forward.   My recent interest in Australia peaked after my Alma Mater, Palmer College in Davenport IA, sent out their latest newsletter.  The big article in it was how Australia is completely moving towards evidence based chiropractic.  BJ Palmer who? Remember, Palmer College still has BJ’s mansion intact with all his collections and very peculiar knick knacks (hey at least the mummies in the basement have been donated to museums).  The entire town from street corners to parks seems to have some kind of homage or story related to the Palmers.  Side note: if you have never visited this campus you must put it on the to-do-list, it’s a trip. Anyways, all this to say I am surprised that Palmer would do a feature piece on the evolution of chiropractic in Australia.  There was talk of taking the words “innate” completely out of the education along with the “philosophy” of chiropractic.  If your a die hard, old school chiropractor this might not be the country for you.  If your into science and research well this could be a great fit.   They have four Chiropractic Universities With a 5 year accredited chiropractic programs RMIT University in Melbourne Macquarie University in Sydney Murdoch University in Perth Central Queensland University (In school, rumor had it that Australia had the hardest National Boards to pass)   They have national legislation Chiropractic Board of Australia ( )   They have chiropractic groups Australian Chiropractors Association ( ) Chiropractic Australia ( )   Private Health Insurance does have options to cover chiropractic care Australia has national/public healthcare options called ‘medicare’ however it does not cover chiropractic treatments.   It might seem like the wild, wild west in terms of distance to get there (22 +hr flight from NYC) but legally and from recent poles surveying the citizens a big percentage of the population is satisfied with their chiropractic care.   Job Opportunities abound! Check out com , type in Australia and see what’s out there. My last search revealed several full time and part-time positions   If that’s not enough reasons to get you excited about Australia, Check out these top 10 reasons it’s listed as one of the top places in the world to live…. Fresh Air (one of the lowest rates of pollution in the world) Nature …this one got me. They have over 500 national parks, world heritage sites and swimming pools in the ocean! Climate …it’s like southern California with less population and pollution. Temperate is the key and generally stays under 80 degrees F but no less than 55 degrees in the colder months. Multicultural Society ..almost half the citizens were not born there so you will fit right in. Healthcare System …besides the universal health care not covering chiropractic it’s still rated as one of the most efficient systems in the world. Plus they do have private options. Low Population Density …only 6.4 people per square mile. Compare that to New Jersey in the US with 1,205 people per square mile and currently 1,010 people per square mile in England. Job Opportunities …even I told you this one. Unemployment stays around 5% in Australia compared to 3.9% in the US (well it’s been higher remember 2008?) and can range from 15.2% in Spain to 4.1% in the UK. Chillin’ …apparently it’s known for it’s laid back lifestyle and friendly citizens with relatively low crime rates. Travel …from coast to coast, mountains, desert back county wilderness there is no shortage of adventures if you live in Australia. Universities …besides having a handful of chiropractic colleges there are still more than 1200 universities for higher education. Even if your starting out on your chiropractic journey, Australia has everything you need for a fulfilling and successful career.
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