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Have you been posting your resume here, there and everywhere with no luck? I recently discovered that resume writing is a true art form and a matter to be taken very seriously.  In today’s job market where having a four year degree sometimes only gets you a barista position at Starbucks it’s imperative that your CV and/or resume is  glistening with professionalism, expertise and an easy to read format to find your ideal chiropractor job.   The longer your resume has been around, the higher the likelihood that it is outdated and in desperate need of retooling.  From formats to fonts, or how your potential new employer should contact you, is very different than it was even 5-10 years ago.  Things that need to be included like social media accounts, websites, etc. are all vital pieces of information. Compared to 10 years ago where the idea of including your Facebook account would have been nonsense and what was Twitter or Instagram?   The times have changed and that includes your resume so check out my top five ways to clean up the outdated, put the shine on and dazzle your new employer.   You Only Get One First Impression This is good advice whether you are trying to woo a new mate or a new boss.  On average, an employee/company looks at a resume for all of 6-10s so it has to be on point. Think of your resume like this… Take a second and imagine what your best self has to offer…from skills, experience, education take note of all the high lights that you think might be good to include on your resume. This document is like your own personal advertisement. It needs to be a compilation of your best foot forward, the twinkle in your eye and the pep in your step… What is the value you will be able to bring to your employer? The headline and summary need to be eye catching and full of your success, achievements and professional qualities but here is the catch, don’t make it too long.  Part of the first impression with your resume is a neat, tidy and get to the freakin’ point in one page (ideal) and not more than two.    Be Specific I’m assuming if you’re reading this, you are either a chiropractor or someone who employs them. In this case, be as specific as possible with what services and techniques you are currently able to provide for patient care.  Are you interested in learning new techniques or integrating yourself better into any practice than I think that is worth mentioning too? If you’re not, than I would not include it.  If your strict upper cervical only and you find full spine adjusting crazy, than you would probably be miserable working at a Gonstead or Activator practice anyway.   Whatcha Have to Offer? If you’re fresh out of chiropractic school this one does get a little trickier.  When I first graduated from Palmer I thought of every club, activity, interesting patient cases and my clinic abroad trip to help sweeten the pot.  Coming right out of school is two-fold, on one hand you are fresh faced, ready, eager and willing to work and learn and on the flip side you have little experience (but also less settled in your own ways) and therefore easier to train and integrate into a practice. If you have been around the chiropractic block, really think about your top career highlights, interests, experiences and skills.  The bigger the variety the better.   Welcome to 2019 Let’s say the first draft of this resume was done in 1999.  A lot of things have changed since then.  Remember when Al Gore invented the Internet? (That was a joke, and I know a bad one). Thanks to the internet, it has completely changed the landscape of what should be included on your resume.  Social media account links, websites, etc. all need to be included.  Side note: this would be a great time to take down your drunken pictures from last Saturday.  You would not believe the dumb stuff I have seen on social media accounts when people apply for a job.  Social media accounts say a lot about a person.  If your accounts aren’t full of sunshine, kittens and rainbows it would be a great time to take down the inappropriate stuff and put up updated, professional, paint a good picture of yourself posts.  Don’t think employers don’t snoop on your social media accounts??? They do.   The Look It has to be easy to read.  Your resume shouldn’t need a translator.  Use language and words that are easy to understand and make sense.  Check the font, size, margins, etc for ease of readability.  If you even has the slightest doubt that the font might be even remotely difficult to read, I would change it.  Does the text hang outside the margins? Don’t be repetitive and try and consolidate job positions instead of listing them out individually.  Even though the resume needs to be professional try to avoid any descriptors sounding canned, boring or like a job description.   Once done, upload your profile to Chiro Recruit and let chiropractor employers find you. There you have it, five ways to shine up the ole’ resume, land a great job and make some money in 2019.  Cheers! Kassandra Schultz DC   
Article Review from Dynamic Chiropractic Vol 36, #11 I think deep down, it’s a secret wish of all chiropractors to have a wellness based practice. Think about it, patients who come in before they have a problem?! What a novel idea ( smirk) .  No insurance companies, excessive forms to fill out or fighting tooth and nail to help patients understand the value and importance of regular adjustments which, all sounds like a dream come true to me.  Good news is, more and more research is coming out to back up chiropractors and their “fanciful” ideas of routine or wellness visits to keep the body healthy and in good working order. Here is a review of a recent study done showing that regular chiropractor care, without symptoms, reduces the incidences of chronic LBP.  (well duh…but hey it’s only true if the literature says so..sigh)  Here is the scoop on the maintenance care and low back pain.  This was recently published in the journal PLOS One as an investigator-blinded, two arm, randomized, controlled trial.  It included 328 patients from 18-65 years old, with general low back pain.  Theses patients had also responded well to previous chiropractic care for their low back pain.  The patients were gleaned from over 40 different clinics across the US between 2012-2016 and were put in one of two groups.    Group One: The first group would receive periodic chiropractic care even when no symptoms were present.   Group Two: This group only had chiropractic adjustments when low back pain symptoms were present.  Both groups were monitored for the next 12 months.  Each week both groups were asked the same question: “On how many days during the past week were you bothered by your lower back pain (i.e., it affected your activities of daily living or routines)?”   Group One aka The Maintenance Care Group: These patients had an average of 6.7 visits and it was directly linked to 12.8 fewer days of bothersome low back pain.  What are your thoughts on having almost two weeks less each year of LBP???  Check this out… In 2011 an article was published in Spine titled, “Does Maintained Spinal Manipulation Therapy for Chronic Non-Specific Low Back Pain Result in Better Long-Term Outcome?” Even though the title maybe a mouth full, it was one of the first studies to investigate maintenance care and the long term consequences.  The results were definitely in favor of chiropractic care. The end result was, after ten months of one visit every two weeks patient’s pain levels and disability scores had improved dramatically.   This is great news for chiropractic.  If you’re the clinic owner there is the possibility of shifting your practice towards more of alternative or homeopathic approach with less insurance and more autonomy of care for both you and your patients. Of if you’re looking for an associate doctor position, you’re not crazy for wanting to explore the more wellness based approach vs dealing with car accidents and workers compensation. (Not that those aren’t legitimate or necessary but that kind of business does not appeal to everyone, I know it didn’t for me).  For more information on the article go to  Kassandra Schultz DC    
In chiropractic school, it was not uncommon for classmates to start to pair off with each other. If you have any kind of Christian background than yes I am talking in the “biblical sense.”  Kidding aside, it does makes sense.  We spent every waking moment either in class, studying together outside of class or imbibing with each other on the weekends to forget the first, two scenarios.  Interestingly enough, I would say from my chiropractic class alone there are at a minimum five couples who have since gotten married and have started families.  What does this have to do with the Netherlands?   My friend who, as I put it, married the “Flying Dutchmen.” Her now husband, came to the States just to go to chiropractic school.  His dad was an American who married a Dutch woman and had opened a chiropractic office years ago just outside of Amsterdam. They got married. My friend moved with him to the Netherlands, starting learning Dutch and was able to take a chiropractic position within the family business.  The last pictures I saw of them with their boys traveling to Spain looked like she was enjoying her new European lifestyle.   Have you considered taking a job in the Netherlands? If you haven’t keep reading to find out if this unique country could be right for you.   Unchartered Waters Since the Netherlands are known for their connection with water I will do my best to incorporate some nautical terms. Uncharted waters means, there still isn’t a strong settlement of chiropractors yet in the country. The NCA or Netherlands Chiropractors Association, states that the profession is growing but there are only 240 recognized chiropractors in the entire country! That's only 1.5 chiropractors for every 100,000 residents. It’s easy to see that the Netherlands have a big need or lots of space for some alternative health care practitioners.   Healthcare Chiropractors might be in limited quantities but they are still mighty and have been recognized by the government as a professional organization.  What does that mean? Almost all health care insurances in the Netherlands have some kind of reimbursement or coverage for chiropractic care. Check this out…a standard google search revealed chiropractors around the Amsterdam area charge between 45-60 euros (sorry I don’t have the euro symbol on my keyboard) for a routine adjustment.  I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to $55-70 per adjustment! However, if memory serves me, the office my friend went to go work for was cash only…hmmmm..summers in Spain.  Too bad I didn’t meet this guy first.   Rumor Has it…. Now I don’t know if this is still true.  I couldn’t find any factual information on the subject but there was one bit of information my friend had told me about the Netherlands before she left that I always found interesting.  The government does recognize chiropractic but at least back then (6 years ago) it was not super regulated which meant that chiropractors did not have to do SOAP notes.  After she came back from visiting the clinic, she told us they were seeing 500 patient visits/week with no notes needing to be done! Again, I don’t know if that is still the case but it may be worth investigating.  Heck, even if the amount of paperwork was lessened or not as strict it would be a huge plus for working in the Netherlands.     The Weather, the People, the Intrigue I don’t know if Amsterdam has the same effect on other Europeans, but just mentioning the city to an American always raises an eyebrow and seems to come with lots of interesting stereotypes.  I have heard it’s also a beautiful country with amazing architecture, surrounded by history, filled with open minded residents and some pretty tasty food. I had a short lay over once in Amsterdam and I remember the beer was good even in the airport (spoken like a true American, sigh). The weather appears to be pretty mild with cool summers and mild winters. If you like warm/hot weather this is not the place for you.  If you enjoy weather between 35-65 degrees all year round, then get some waterproof gear, a bike and get peddling over to the Netherlands.   For more information check out the chiropractic foundation of the Netherlands (SCN) or the Netherlands Chiropractors Association (NCA) for more information.  Kassandra Schultz DC    
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