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Chiro Recuit Reading, United Kingdom
Dec 14, 2017
Part Time
n exciting opportunity has come up with a new Sports Therapy and Wellness Walk-in Clinic. With a brand new, in town, walk in clinic the demand for the highest standard of Sports Therapists and related skilled therapists is essential. The Clinic is looking to expand and offer a diverse range of treatments for their Clients. With Chiropractic becoming a popular treatment method, it is essential that the Clinic is now able to offer this. Key Points: To provide essential support to the Sports Therapists and Clients needs. To act as a highly efficient Therapist of gross knowledge that positively represents the business. To promote a healthy lifestyle. Hours: To be discussed. Will be a Part-Time role. Responsibilities and Duties: · Act independently to effectively assess and analyses a client’s needs · Maintain accurate treatment records, which meet professional standards and in line with the clinics document management strategy. · Effectively manage time and diary to meet the demands of the case load. · Establish an effective therapeutic relationship, which acknowledges professional boundaries and provides dignity, honesty and respect for the client. · Maintain a positive working relationship with all professionals involved in the client’s treatment and management. · Undertake a mentally and physically demanding job, whilst taking care of your own health and safety. · Contribute to the clinics continuous professional development and clinical supervision process, including attending occasional clinic meetings. · Carry out any other reasonable duties required to ensure the needs of the business are met and the client’s therapeutic needs. · Undertake appropriate training as required. · Working week based on set shifts. Qualifications: Essential Criteria: · Graduate Diploma, Honors Degree or Ordinary Degree in Chiropractic · Evidence of positive experience and work development Desirable: · To have any experience in or understanding of the business environment Person Specification: · Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. · Self-motivating with the ability to manage your own diary and case load. · Enthusiastic and positive attitude to working with all clients with all complaints and can recommend treatment plans and basic rehabilitation. · Reasonable level of fitness to be able to undertake the manual tasks required of a treating therapist. · Excellent punctuality and time keeping. · Good working knowledge of IT · A good working team member. · Reasonable attitude towards personal health and safety and that of those around you. Job Types: Part-time, Permanent Required education: Bachelor's Required language: English Fluent
Chiro Recuit Chiswick, London, United Kingdom
Dec 14, 2017
Full Time
Chiropractor needed, full-time permanent position (Optimal Spine and Sport Dimensions). More than one position available. Dynamic chiropractor needed to join rapid expanding multidisciplinary clinics. We are offering an exciting and challenging opportunity to join clinics that specialise in CBP. Successful applicants must have excellent x-ray skills and be willing to undergo extensive CBP training in the UK and the US. Our clinics are located in Chiswick and Blackfriars. Job role Assess a patient's medical condition by reviewing their medical history, listening to the patient's concerns, and performing a physical examination Conduct tests, including evaluating a patient's posture and taking x rays Identify health problems Provide neuromusculoskeletal therapy Advise patients on health and lifestyle issues, such as exercise, nutrition, and sleep habits Refer patients to other health care professionals, if needed Adhere to clinical governance standards Carry out regular marketing activities to generate new patients Follow all service protocols to ensure excellent service standards are met Salary Package: £35,000 - £40,000 per annum salary Discretionary bonus; dependent on performance ESSENTIAL Skills, Qualifications & Experience: Relevant chiropractic qualification to qualify for registration with the General Chiropractic Council Experience in a commercial clinic setting in a similar role and or CBP training. Excellent x-ray skills Strong client communication skills Must be willing to undertake extensive CBP training
Chiro Recuit Hounslow West, United Kingdom
Dec 14, 2017
Full Time
Superstar needed for a chiropractic. Are you bright, energetic self- motivated and willing to go the extra mile? Do you have excellent customer service and communication skills? Are you keen to learn how to grow your practice and succeed? We are 20 minutes from central London and 20 minutes from the historic town of Windsor. Are you great at multi- tasking, caring and keen to learn.Then we are looking for you.You will be working with a team of massage therapists and chiropractors.
Chiro Recuit Central London, London, United Kingdom
Dec 14, 2017
Full Time
Central London   Chiropractor  (Charlotte St). Full Time or Some Part Time. We are currently recruiting for an experienced Chiropractor to join a leading Multi-Disciplinary Private Healthcare Clinic in Central London. As a Chiropractor you will be responsible for providing a high standard of assessment, diagnosis, evaluation, treatment and advice to private patients. You will work alongside Physiotherapist, Osteopaths, Sports Therapist and Acupuncturist. We provide a full list of patients and massage clients to help build your patient list Your role will include to Undertake a comprehensive assessment and formulate a diagnosis of patients who may have complex conditions including multi pathology. Use well developed clinical reasoning of the patient's needs and provide clinic treatment. Provide massage services for new patients to help build a private clinics list To work as an autonomous practitioner taking responsibility for the management of patients on own caseload without direct supervision. Maintain patient documentation, records and accurate statistical information to reflect care provided and to meet professional standards and clinic policies. Essential Skills BSc or Equivalent in Chiropractor Current HCPC Registration Excellent communication skills. Good interpersonal skills. Good working knowledge of Word/Excel/Outlook Excellent organisational and time management skills to manage a caseload Ability to work independently. Desirable Ability to convert patients into care (We can train on this) Previously worked in the private healthcare sector 2+ years relevant post graduate experience

Latest From the Blog

If you are one of those folks who loves the changes of seasons and dreams of winter landscapes; the snow falling delicately, covering the earth in a beautiful blanket of glistening white, then good for you! But for the rest of us, winter can be the most brutal of all the seasons. Snow, shoveling, and falling on the ice is great for an increase in chiropractic visits but not necessarily beneficial for the longevity of our patients. Before you break out your parka and shovels, here are a few tips to make this “magical” time of year a little less painful. 1. Hire someone else to shovel the snow. 2. If option #1 is too pricey, find a teenager to shovel (they will be a fraction of the cost). 3. Sigh... no teenager? How about a snow blower? I prefer one with an electric start. Put a little gas in it, plug it in and push the button... Magic! 4. If #1, #2 and #3 are not feasible, follow the steps below for a more economical shoveling experience. i. Break out your good shoes. The icier it gets, the dicier it gets. Let’s be honest, the majority of our patients are not necessarily the most athletic people. I would say only a handful of my patients work on their balance throughout the year and having them do so in the middle of a snowstorm is not the time to start. Wear boots with a tread or the use of slip on spikes on a heavy-duty shoe will also work. ii. Nice Threads. A person does not need to look like an Eddie Bauer ad, but light layers with appropriate face mask (hat/ear muffs, gloves, etc) will keep all necessary parts warm, especially when first starting. Shovelling can burn upwards of 500 calories or more per hour, so it is important to remind patients that layers can be removed as their body temperature rises. This leads to my next point. iii. Drink Your Water. Are you kidding me? Drink water when its 15 degrees outside? Yes! That amount of calorie burn is comparable to a lot of various high intensity exercises, and for patients who have not been working out, a quick sip break every 15-20 minutes will help reduce fatigue and the likelihood of injury. The “wetter” the snow, the heavier it gets, so light stretches before and during shovelling are a great way to get warmed-up for the main event. iv. Get Salty. Remind patients to do a quick survey of the landscape. Do they see any glistening patches? Before they start shoveling, they can throw some salt down over the icy areas. Of course, throw some down after the area has been cleared too. v. Stand Up Straight! Now for the part we as chiropractors drool over- proper posture. For years, I was the only female in my household who helped shovel. What I did not realize was I had been using shovels that were way to big for me. Think about it, would a person use the other gender’s golf clubs or baseball mitt? It forced me in the wrong position, just like a man would have to bend over more if he used my shovel. Home improvement stores have caught on to this. Shovels now come in all shapes and sizes, including properly designed ergonomics. A good shovel will allow a person to stand almost completely upright. The lightest model with the smallest shovel part is best. A lighter shovel reduces the weight, as a smaller shovel part allows for less snow per scoop. We as chiropractors know the less lumbar flexion with bending and lifting, the better. vi. “Butts and Guts” When I was taking technique classes in chiropractic school, the professors loved the motto “butts and guts” when adjusting. Booty out just slightly, belly pulled in with the chest lifted. For shovelling the snow, patients do not need a pec and triceps recoil, but they do need to use their core and shoulders. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart (typical athletic stance), squat to get the shovel in position, and move the snow forward with the core and shoulders engaged (not thrown over the shoulders). vii. “Its The Big One Ethel!” The reported that in 2015, over 11,000 people in the US went to the emergency room for chest pain and potential heart attacks due to shovelling the snow. Don’t forget to remind patients that if that have sudden pain, shortness of breathe, dizziness or any other symptoms, to stop immediately and seek medical treatment. viii. Schedule Their Next Visit. As we know, shovelling snow is a moderate to highly vigorous activity, sometimes with very heavy lifting. The likelihood that a patient will need an adjustment after the first (and subsequent) snowfall is pretty high. ix. Take A Holiday. If you are an unfortunate soul like me who lives in cold weather country, wait until the snow has all been shoveled, then go someplace warm. At least the sand on the beach does not cause heart attacks. For more information on proper shovelling form check out Kassandra M Schultz DC  
One of the best parts of being a chiropractor is that we have the opportunity to build real relationships with our patients.  Seeing patients once, twice, three times a week for a length of time (sometimes once a month for years), we get an inside look at how they live their lives.  Career changes, marriages, divorces, children, and serious medical conditions, give us a peek into their daily/weekly habits.  We all know the patients who like their fast food, who never exercise, drink too much despite our nudges in the right direction, etc. It’s because of this relationship we build with our patients, sometimes because of the frequency we see the patient versus a medical doctor, that we can tell when something is wrong. Chiropractors also use this relationship to influence our patients in positive, healthy ways.  The holidays are upon us, so let’s look at how we can make this holiday season the healthiest ever.  A person doesn’t just need in-laws to make them want to drink on Thanksgiving or Christmas.  I have seen a relative or two coming towards me, and I certainly had the inclination to chug my cabernet before the obligatory “Hello,” followed by a smile and a hug.  Not to mention the stress of the holidays with busier social calendars, richer foods, cold weather, spending time and money to find the right gifts along with over-indulgence of alcohol can create the perfect storm.  Since the 1970’s, scientists have been exploring a heart problem directly related to this time of year called “Holiday Heart Syndrome.”   This study is based on the research of ABC news, Wikpedia, NCBI and Medscape. Santa gets fatter, our wallets get thinner and inhabitants of the Western world get cardiac arrhythmias. As chiropractors what can we do?   Ho, Ho, Ho…You know who has been naughty…so tell them!  We are the ones who have built relationships with our patients.  It’s up to us to gently (or not gently, depending) remind our patients the importance of moderation and different ways to relieve stress.  Patients know, like, and trust us, which is partly the reason they come see us so often. Those same patients also come to see us because they like to feel better too.  Throughout the next eight weeks, the patients you know who like to drink need to be reminded that a glass or two is much different than downing a bottle with their long lost cousin.  That’s still different than downing a bottle one evening and then proceeding to do that for the next four nights.  I once had a 70-year-old patient stay up all night, three days in a row, drinking bottles of wine. She could not figure out why her head hurt, her arthritis flared up and her sleep pattern was off.  Hmmm….   How does alcohol contribute to this “Holiday Heart Syndrome?”   Have you or someone you know almost lost their minds during the holidays with the pressures and stress of parties, gifts and the never-ending hemorrhaging of money?  Stress levels are already through the roof; add in binge drinking and it’s a recipe for cardiac disaster.  Alcohol induces the release of epinephrine and norepinephrine and boom! The sympathetic nervous system is off to the races again.  This is where we chiropractors can help. Adjustments! Have you ever had someone lying on your table and immediately after the adjustment the patient breaks out into a cold sweat or gets a hot flash? Those are your magic hands directly helping to calm down the sympathetic side.  Patients should be educated about this.  The holidays might be the most important time for patients to come in.  We help with their stress levels, which directly act on the nervous system. I once did a supine manual adjustment on an autistic boy.  He giggled, threw his arms in the air, rolled over, and went to sleep on my adjusting table.  It might not have been convenient for the next patient waiting outside the door, but that is an example of tamping down an over-worked nervous system.  As chiropractors, we might not run EKG’s to look for cardiac arrhythmias or diagnose them, but we are the ones who know when our patients are stressed.  We can tell when they have not been sleeping well or have been drinking too much. Within our scope of practice, let’s take the time to remind them how to take care of themselves and most importantly continue their chiropractic care throughout the holidays.  Their lives may depend on it.  For more information about “Holiday Heart Syndrome” check out     Kassandra M Schultz DC  
Ugh, the dreaded job interviews.  For some, going to the dentist might seem like a walk in the park compared to gearing up for what could make or break your chances at getting a job position. Usually, the more you want the job, the more nerve racking the interview becomes! What to wear, what to say (or not say), how to make a good first impression, the list is endless when getting yourself prepared for the interview.  Fear not, for I have been on both sides of the coin and with these three simple tips you will be one step closer to landing the job of your dreams.   Don’t lie This seems simple enough. Think about when you want to go on a date with someone for the first time.  You want to make a good first impression right? You get all dressed up, put your happy face on and do your best to be as charming and charismatic as possible.  Heck, you may even throw in some fanciful stories, colorful antidotes and a witty remark or two to impress your date.  When dating someone long term, these remedies may fade and the truth comes out.  This is especially true with your employer. In the United States, there are many subjects an employer cannot ask about during the hiring process.  Issues like race, gender identification, and age are off limits and it’s easy to see why.  It is no ones business and by not asking, it reduces discrimination. However, there are some other issues that also can’t be asked about which can affect your work performance as an employee. Here are a couple of examples: Your boss cannot ask if you have children. They can ask ‘if you have reliable transportation to and from work.’ That is it. Here’s the deal, if the hours you are suppose to work are from 9:00am-6:00pm and your spouse leaves for their shift at 5:00pm, that leaves a one hour gap. Is it fair to not tell your future employee that for the next two weeks you will need to leave work one hour early? How about your parents 25 th wedding anniversary cruise you planned two years ago, that is now six months away? Should you tell your future employer? This same idea works with adjusting technique/chiropractic philosophies; have you ever adjusted an ASR Atlas? How about used a Flexion/Distraction table? Do you hate Activator? Are you a ‘heavy hitter’ and your new boss is NUCCA only?  Secret family? Anxiety/depression issues? This doesn’t mean you have to spill your guts, but if there are real issues that may come out later, it is best to get them out of the way early.  A good boss will try and work with you and if they do not, then you know they would have been a jerk to work for anyway. Remember, a good boss will do their due-diligence.  If your issue can be found on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., they will find out. Look at it like this, if your boss promises two weeks paid vacation and you only get one week’s worth of compensation, wouldn’t you be mad? What about routinely keeping you over your hours without additional pay? This is a two-way street; keep the communication open and honest.   Be Like A Boy/Girl Scout: Always be Prepared I can’t think of one thing that would make you too well prepared.  Research the company, find them on social media, and see what you can find about the boss.  I can always identify an ‘A’ player during an interview when they bring something to write on (notebook), something to write with and extra copies of their resumes.  It’s not your future employers job to keep track of your resume or application.  They may be looking at multiple candidates.  If you want the position, bring the goods.    It all counts How you handled the phone call to set up the interview, your arrival time, appearance, what you bring with you, your demeanor, etc all paint the picture of who you are.  Did you arrive five minutes late? Chances are, you’re going to be five minutes late to work all the time too. Did you forget your notebook, resume and or pen? What else may you forget when you’re working for the company? Are you detailed, orientated and organized, or are you giving the impression of being scattered brain? Do you talk too fast, think ahead, and not answer the questions properly? If so, will you not listen to patients or be able to explain their diagnoses, treatments, chiropractic techniques, etc.? The best candidates (I have seen) are consistent and congruent every time I talk or meet with them.  They are always polite, well versed, and cheerful, their appearance matches their role, they are on time, professional, etc. Be truthful, be prepared and most importantly be you. Now, let’s get to work! Kassandra M Schultz DC
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