Are you recruiters?

No we are a niche job board for chiropractors. Companies / clinics pay to advertise on our website in order to generate applications from chiropractors.

 What ads do you accept?

We only accept chiropractic jobs or listings from clinics for sale. If your job or company doesn't fit the description, it'll be rejected.

How long will my posting stay up?

 30 days. You'll get notifications that your job is expiring, provided you use a valid email address when you set up your employer profile.

How do I add an image / photo to my advert?

Simply click on the picture icon and enter the URL (web address) of your picture. If you need help email your images / photos to info@chirorecruit.com and we will add for you.

How many job boards does Chiro Recruit post my jobs to?

Chiro Recruit distributes job network adverts to 100+ of the most visited job boards, websites and social networks on the Internet. We are always adding more job boards and sources of job seeker traffic to expand the audience for your job posting(s). If you do not want your job distributed choose a standard package.

Can I edit my postings after they're on the site?

Yes through your Employer Account, all your posts will be manageable after you log in.

What kind of response can I expect?

We place emphasis on quality of applicants, not quantity. Some employers receive many applicants, while others receive only a few. To an extent, you can affect the kind of response you receive by attracting applicants with your listing text. What do you offer candidates? Why should a Chiropractor work for you? What can you offer to tempt the Chiropractor to make a move? Talk about these kinds of things in your advert. For help in creating a great job ad click here.

How can I contact support?

Drop us an email through the Contact Us Page.

How to post a job on Chiro Recruit