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British Chiropractic Association chiropractic roundtable discussion in Westminster.

British Chiropractic Association chiropractic roundtable discussion in Westminster.

The British Chiropractic Association (BCA) hosted the first chiropractic roundtable discussion in Westminster, London in 30 years on 22nd March 2023. The event brought together key stakeholders from across the profession to discuss the role of chiropractors in the UK's musculoskeletal (MSK) healthcare landscape.

Roundtable Overview

The roundtable aimed to explore how the chiropractic profession can better integrate into the UK's healthcare system and increase patient choice and access to MSK care. Attendees included representatives from the BCA, the Royal College of Chiropractors, the General Chiropractic Council, chiropractic educational institutions, and Members of Parliament with an interest in MSK health.

Key topics discussed were:

  • The growing burden of MSK conditions in the UK and the need for a sustainable solution
  • Improving integration of chiropractic services into the NHS to increase patient choice
  • Raising awareness of the role of chiropractors as MSK experts among the public and other healthcare professionals
  • Developing collaborative care pathways between chiropractors and other MSK providers

Calls to Action

The roundtable resulted in several calls to action, including:

  • Greater interprofessional collaboration between chiropractors, physiotherapists, GPs and other MSK specialists
  • More research into the clinical and cost-effectiveness of chiropractic care for MSK conditions
  • Increased public education campaigns highlighting the expertise of chiropractors in MSK healthcare
  • Lobbying efforts to ensure chiropractic is part of the solution to the UK's MSK crisis

The BCA hailed the roundtable as a success in bringing the chiropractic profession together and paving the way for its better integration into mainstream UK healthcare.