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Chiropractic Jobs in Denmark

Chiropractic Jobs in Denmark

According to the “Social Progress Index” in 2017 Denmark was considered to have the highest quality of life standards. From water and sanitation to nutrition and basic medical care they scored within the 99 percentile. 

Of course, there’s more! From delicious danishes and cuisine to bike friendly cities like Copenhagen have you considered becoming “one of the happiest people on earth” and finding a chiropractic job working as a chiropractor in Denmark?


The average salary for chiropractic jobs across the board in Denmark is just under the 3000 USD mark. An experienced chiropractor can bring home 5000 USD. Even entry - mid level chiropractors (in terms of experience) will make 10% more than the average salary. Considering health care and other basic necessities are taken care of, that’s a pretty good gig.
I also found that on average, chiropractors work in chiropractic jobs about 37 hours/week Monday-Friday. On average they have 25 days of paid vacation and 11 paid public holidays! Curiously enough, the biggest employers of chiropractors in Denmark are health care companies and hospitals.


The most common places to find a chiropractic job are: Copenhagen (capital city), Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg, Frederiksberg, Esbjerg, Randers.

With so many bike friendly cities, it would be a great opportunity too bike to work everyday.

Rules for Applying for Chiropractic Practice in Denmark:

The easiest way to practice chiropractic here is to be born and educated in Denmark. (well duh, I think that goes for any country).
A person who received their chiropractic education in Denmark, fills out the application, pays their 1200 DKK, sends in proof of their degree and they are good to work as a chiropractor go.

Outside of being a nordic educated chiropractor, you will then fall into two categories.

1. Chiropractors educated in an EU country
2. Chiropractors educated outside the Nordic countries and EU countries

Scenario One (within the EU)

If you are a national and received your chiropractic education in an EU member state, you are covered by a specific chapter in their code. “This means that if the Danish Patient Safety Authority assess that your education is essentially equivalent to the corresponding Danish education, you will be granted permanent Danish authorization.”

Danish authorization = permission to practice a certain regulated profession

The Danish government also reserves the right to measure or test an applicant too if the government finds the education of the person is not equivalent to the Danish standard.

Scenario Two (outside the EU & Nordic Countries)

If this applies to you when seeking a chiropractic job in Denmark then you will encounter a four step process.

1. Assessment: Once the Danish Patient Safety Authority has received all your applications, required documents, etc they will determine how equivalent your education is to their standards.

2. Language Test: If you pass step 1 then they move you onto step 2 which is a language assessment test. If you can’t speak Danish at a tenth grade level or read or write Danish at a seventh grade level well then back to Rosetta Stone for you.

3. Position for adaption and training purposes: If you pass one and two you get the ability to work for six months as a chiropractor and after six months, if the employer finds your abilities in your chiropractic job acceptable than he/she writes a letter and you will be granted permanent authorization. However, if the employer’s letter says you stink at the job then back to the drawing board you go.

4. Chiropractors must complete internship: after steps 1, 2 and 3 if you want to further expand and work independently as a chiropractor then you will need to do a 12 month internship first. The six months working for an employee can count towards the 12 month internship as long as the employee is a pre-approved tutor.

If practicing in a bike friendly, delicious food and high standards of living country has been on your mind, than maybe Denmark would be the place for you to get your next chiropractic job!

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