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Chiropractic jobs in Australia

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In my recent quest to investigate the ups and downs of practicing chiropractic around the world, it would be a shame to not put Australia on the list.


I know for Americans, the idea of spending a couple of weeks vacationing in Australia would be nothing short of a dream come true.  From the beaches, the food, kangaroos, touring Sydney, I have never heard of a bad trip to Australia (at least among my circle of friends). The tales of their journey to literally the other side of the world, have been nothing short of spectacular. 


First we will investigate how chiropractic works in the land down under and then why Australia could be one of the coolest places to live.


Chiropractic in Australia

Australia is the third most populated in the world with chiropractors.  First is the US and second is the UK and Australia is not backing down in terms of development and how they want to move the profession forward.  

My recent interest in Australia peaked after my Alma Mater, Palmer College in Davenport IA, sent out their latest newsletter.  The big article in it was how Australia is completely moving towards evidence based chiropractic.  BJ Palmer who? Remember, Palmer College still has BJ’s mansion intact with all his collections and very peculiar knick knacks (hey at least the mummies in the basement have been donated to museums).  The entire town from street corners to parks seems to have some kind of homage or story related to the Palmers. 

Side note: if you have never visited this campus you must put it on the to-do-list, it’s a trip.

Anyways, all this to say I am surprised that Palmer would do a feature piece on the evolution of chiropractic in Australia.  There was talk of taking the words “innate” completely out of the education along with the “philosophy” of chiropractic.  If your a die hard, old school chiropractor this might not be the country for you.  If your into science and research well this could be a great fit.


  • They have four Chiropractic Universities
    • With a 5 year accredited chiropractic programs
    • RMIT University in Melbourne
    • Macquarie University in Sydney
    • Murdoch University in Perth
    • Central Queensland University
      • (In school, rumor had it that Australia had the hardest National Boards to pass)


  • They have national legislation
    • Chiropractic Board of Australia (


  • They have chiropractic groups
    • Australian Chiropractors Association (
    • Chiropractic Australia (


  • Private Health Insurance does have options to cover chiropractic care
    • Australia has national/public healthcare options called ‘medicare’ however it does not cover chiropractic treatments.


  • It might seem like the wild, wild west in terms of distance to get there (22 +hr flight from NYC) but legally and from recent poles surveying the citizens a big percentage of the population is satisfied with their chiropractic care.


  • Job Opportunities abound!
    • Check out com, type in Australia and see what’s out there.
    • My last search revealed several full time and part-time positions


If that’s not enough reasons to get you excited about Australia,

Check out these top 10 reasons it’s listed as one of the top places in the world to live….

  1. Fresh Air (one of the lowest rates of pollution in the world)
  2. Nature…this one got me. They have over 500 national parks, world heritage sites and swimming pools in the ocean!

  1. Climate
    …it’s like southern California with less population and pollution. Temperate is the key and generally stays under 80 degrees F but no less than 55 degrees in the colder months.
  2. Multicultural Society..almost half the citizens were not born there so you will fit right in.
  3. Healthcare System…besides the universal health care not covering chiropractic it’s still rated as one of the most efficient systems in the world. Plus they do have private options.
  4. Low Population Density…only 6.4 people per square mile. Compare that to New Jersey in the US with 1,205 people per square mile and currently 1,010 people per square mile in England.
  5. Job Opportunities…even I told you this one. Unemployment stays around 5% in Australia compared to 3.9% in the US (well it’s been higher remember 2008?) and can range from 15.2% in Spain to 4.1% in the UK.
  6. Chillin’…apparently it’s known for it’s laid back lifestyle and friendly citizens with relatively low crime rates.
  7. Travel…from coast to coast, mountains, desert back county wilderness there is no shortage of adventures if you live in Australia.
  8. Universities…besides having a handful of chiropractic colleges there are still more than 1200 universities for higher education. Even if your starting out on your chiropractic journey, Australia has everything you need for a fulfilling and successful career.