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Chiropractic jobs in Italy - 3 Reasons why Chiropractors should practice there

Chiropractic jobs in Italy - 3 Reasons why Chiropractors should practice there

I can imagine the horrified looks I would get from my friends, family and patients if I said, “Ciao I’m out of here.” Can you picture yourself sitting on a Mediterranean beach, sipping some amazing wine while not worrying about tan lines?  Nude beach anyone? Joking aside, I know I can. Italy is usually on the list of places to visit, especially for Americans. We hear the stories of picturesque countrysides, beautiful people, amazing food and drink; there just seems to be romantic fantasy surrounding Italy. What’s not to love?

Reason #1: Nationalized Health Care 

I know there are many Americans who really struggle with this concept. If you’re already living the European lifestyle, then this will be an easy jump for you.  In 2007, Associazione Italiana Chiropratici (AIC) recognized chiropractic as a primary care profession.  The interesting facts about Italy are that they have one of the highest rates of medical doctors to patients in the world.  Italy is already saturated with traditional medicine and now Italians are looking for alternative forms of health care.  The best part is that the government covers it all.  That sure takes the hassle and stress out of worrying about insurance companies and getting paid on time.

Reason #2: Starting on the Ground Floor

It’s been 11 years since the Italian government has decided to make chiropractic a part of their national health care system.  From my research, it’s unclear how many chiropractors are in active practice at the moment.  Before 2011, there was only a metaphorical handful to help serve the 60 million Italians.  The other part of this is that there are no chiropractic colleges in Italy.  I went to Palmer College in Iowa.  The problem with cities that have a chiropractic college is that they are inundated with chiropractors.  In Iowa, I was surrounded by corn, pigs and chiropractors.  The advantage to Italy is that without a lot of chiropractors already in practice, the market is not saturated, which leaves plenty of opportunity for a thriving practice.

 Reason #3: Italians live longer

You mean I get to eat pasta and drink wine while living longer? Sign me up for that! Ever heard of the Mediterranean diet?  No better place to reap the benefits of a well-rounded, healthy diet then from the region where it came from. According to, Italians live longer than Europeans living in other countries such as the UK and live longer, better quality lives than Americans.  On average, Italians are living 81.5 years, compared to 79.9 in the UK and 78.15 years for Americans. 
Whether it’s for the national health care system, being recognized as a primary care physician or for the landscape and the food, Italy may be a viable option to help get your chiropractic career started.  
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Kassandra Schultz D.C