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In my quest to discover where it would be interesting to live and work as a chiropractor, I just ran across Singapore. Have you ever thought about living or taking a chiropractic job there? After quite a bit of snooping around, I found that if you seek to evangelize the profession, have a proclivity for the rules and love steamy weather than this might be the city-island for you to work as a chiropractor.


Top Six Reasons to start a Chiropractic job in Singapore:


  1. Relatively New Profession: chiropractic is not a well worn profession here. The original association called The Chiropractic Association Singapore was established in 1978 by an American. There is currently no regulation for working as a chiropractpr by the government and you are required to “self-regulate” according to the rules laid out by the chiropractic associations.  There are no chiropractic schools in Singapore.  All chiropractors have to travel abroad for schooling which is why you will find a lot of Americans who make up the majority of the chiropractors with chiropractic associate jobs in Sinagpore. I did find a Palmer grad who opened her own clinic in the main city of Singapore.
  2. Low Numbers of DC’s: On last count, there are 150 persons claiming to be chiropractors in Singapore. Due to the loose rules and regulations in the country concerning chiropractic, sometimes other persons will claim to know and understand “adjusting” which in fact they do not. This is certainly not new to our profession but is something to be aware of.  The Chiropractic Association Singapore estimates closer to 90 true doctors of chiropractic in the county which is still considerably low compared to the almost 6 million residents.
  3. Evangelize: If you love to spread the good word of chiropractic, enjoying shouting it from the rooftops and love the chance to try and convince people of the benefits of chiropractic care, then a chiropractic jobs in Singapore maybe right up your alley. It’s curious, if you Google “Chiropractic in Singapore” you have to get to the middle and bottom of the first page before you find DC listings or the chiropractic association.  The top articles are concerned with chiropractic side effects/complications, how to identify a real chiropractor and whether or not we charge too much for treatment.  If you refer back to #2, if people are claiming to be DC’s when they are in fact not, I could understand the publics wariness of the profession.  For some of these reasons, it appears that maybe you would have to do a little rehab work. The flip side is, I could be totally wrong on that.  It appears my fellow Palmer alum are doing very well working as chiropractors in Singapore. Plus I know from even practicing in the States, some patients are still nervous when they first come in to be treated because of the “horrors” they have heard through the grapevine.  As we know, educating patients is key no matter where we live and practice as chiropractors.
  4. English: Singapore has several national languages, and English is one of them! Singapore was a British colony for a long time and apparently a lot of US ex-patriots live there too.
  5. Climate: Did I mention the beaches and it never gets cold there?
  6. Livability Index: Singapore ranks high on the livability index. Professionals are known for moderate to high wages, cleanliness of the streets, high standards of order, beauty of the natural gardens, surrounding islands and extremely warm climate.


According to the Strait Times of Singapore “The latest Economic Intelligence Unit's (EIU) Global Livability Survey shows Singapore's overall rating has risen in a year, from 90.4 to 91.2 now, ranking it at No. 37 this year.  In the EIU survey, countries are assessed and assigned a score for more than 30 qualitative and quantitative factors across five broad categories: stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure.”

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