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Chiropractic Jobs in London

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London is one of the world's most iconic cities. Images of Big Ben and red buses make it instantly recognizable. This means that seeing the River Thames, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey - all within the space of 5 minutes - can be about as exciting as any experience can get. The constant crowds on Westminster Bridge are testament to this. So when planning to work as a chiropractor in London, why not check out this handy guide to help you decide if a chiropractic job in London is right for you?

For a chiropractic job in London you are best renting or buying accommodation outside the city center as prices will be cheaper and the train is probably the most practical way to get into London. It is then easy to switch to the tube and travel to a central destination for your chiropractor job.

To work as a chiropractor in London you will need to be offered a sponsorship by your employer and pass the test of competence (TOC) with the UK’s General Chiropractic Council before you can apply to register and practise as a chiropractor in London. For further information please visit the General Chiropractic Councils website.

Working as a chiropractor in the city of London means you are within easy reach of the Houses of Parliament, the South Bank, the London Eye, Downing Street and Westminster Abbey. Cleopatra's Needle is also a short walk away from Embankment station, and a stroll across the Jubilee Bridge takes you to the trendy Southbank Center.

There are around 3,500 registered chiropractors within the whole of the United Kingdom operating out of around 900 clinics and of course there is the highest number of clinics operating in the Greater London area.

If you have a chiropractic job in London it will mean that in your downtime or lunch break you can perhaps walk along the riverbank past the London Eye which makes for a diverting half hour, and then you are in a position to come back across Westminster Bridge. You may well stand beneath Big Ben as it chimes the hour!

From the end of Westminster Bridge the Houses of Parliament are immediately adjacent, and Westminster Abbey is a short walk away. Alternatively, when working as a chiropractor in London you may be within easy walking distance of St James' Park, and a stroll down Birdcage Walk will take you to Buckingham Palace - a jaw-dropping sight.

Having a chiropractic job in London will also be a fantastic way to see lots of London at your leisure and can include many of the landmarks you would see on an open-top bus tour. In London you are always within an easy reach of a host of restaurants and cafes where you can end the day with fine dining or enjoy an inexpensive meal after a busy day treating patients.