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The Clinic Challenge Experience at Sherman College

The Clinic Challenge Experience at Sherman College

Have you heard about the Clinic Challenge Experience at Sherman which is designed to help students make the transition from classroom to chiropractic internship?

Fifty four interns have just completed the challenge during the spring 2019 quarter. The challenge is a rope course on campus which presents a variety of “challenges by choice” using ropes, pulleys, walls, poles and platforms.

Students use problem solving skills and teamwork with encouragement from Facilitators to face and overcome any fears which are holding them back from accomplishing the task.

After completing 4,600 hours of classroom and laboratory study this is the final hurdle in reaching the colleges on-campus Chiropractic Health Center.

So in the near future if you recruit any new graduates from Sherman as well as them being great chiropractors expect some excellent problem solving skills as well!!!