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How LinkedIn can help chiropractors with a job search

How LinkedIn can help chiropractors with a job search

Whether you're looking for chiropractic jobs in the USA, Canada, or Australia, LinkedIn could be one of the best tools in your search.

It's the original professional social media platform and most chiropractors and clinics have a presence on LinkedIn. It has 433 million users worldwide, 128 million in the US alone. If you list your skills on your profile, statistics show you're 13 times more likely to get profile views.

If you're seeking a new role, LinkedIn is a great place to start your search. You can make headway and build your reputation before you start interviewing. Here's how:

1. Follow fellow chiropractors in the country or area to which you're looking to work, and if moving overseas the country's chiropractic association. They will often post about new jobs and practice sales, and give you a good opportunity to network.

2. Join local chiropractic LinkedIn groups. Participate in discussions and get your name known before you move. Engage with people, and opportunities will open up for you. You could also do some research, asking other chiropractors about their experience practising in the area.

3. Post useful articles on LinkedIn Pulse. It's a great way to show your professionalism, specialities, and skills. It also helps build your reputation online. Don't forget to add relevant tags to make your posts easier to find - and you can also use hashtags on LinkedIn.

4. Be helpful on LinkedIn - give people something if you can, whether it's the benefit of your experience or connections. Tell people you're looking for work if appropriate. Once other users you've helped are aware, they'll want to reciprocate and help you in return.

5. Look for relevant LinkedIn influencers and follow them. They'll also be a great resource for you. Feel free to leave relevant comments on their posts and perhaps useful links to relevant subjects on your blog. Hopefully, an influencer might repost one of your articles, giving you a far wider audience than your follower list.

6. Encourage your lecturers, associates and seniors to post LinkedIn recommendations - all your good testimonials will help the cause.

It's time to make the most of LinkedIn - so get your profile up to date!