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Working as a locum chiropractor provides you with the ideal alternative or addition to occupying a permanent chiropractic associateship job. Many locum chiropractors work whilst travelling the world, or as an additional income source to a part-time associateship or as a flexible career choice.

Although the work you will be required to perform as a locum chiropractor will broadly be the same as what you’d carry out in a chiropractic associateship, there are many core differences between the two types of employment.

With the ability to easy decide the locum chiropractic jobs you take and more flexibility over both your salary and the hours you work, being employed as a locum chiropractor possesses many attractive benefits. Nevertheless, choosing locum work as a locum chiropractor should be something you take careful consideration over, whether it be on a part-time or on a full-time basis, it is vital that the nature of your chiropractor locum work suits both your career aspirations and general lifestyle.

Chiro Recruit offers locum chiropractors the ability to list their profile for free and to sponsor their profile to be a featured listing. Many clinics when seeking locum chiropractors will visit Chiro Recruit’s Chiro Profile listings.

How Does a Locum Chiropractor Role Differ from an associateship?

From covering last-minute holiday plans to covering sick leave, locum chiropractors play an essential role in the chiropractic profession. Locum work can also include more long-term opportunities, such as maternity cover. You can choose between short-term placements and long-term assignments.

Chiropractic locum jobs potentially offer more flexibility in your job as a chiropractor than a permanent position would. You have the freedom and ability to choose a working pattern to complement your lifestyle, meaning you can fit your work around the demands of your life.

What are the requirements of being a locum chiropractor?

Of course you need to be a fully qualified chiropractor to do locum work. You must have a full registration with the state or country registration board and be registered as a chiropractor for that location. This is the same as for permanent positions. Furthermore, having plenty of credentials and extensive experience is highly likely to work in your favor when applying or being found for locum work.

What to Expect from Locum Life as a Chiropractor?

With the high level of freedom, you can expect from locum assignments, you have wider flexibility over your working hours and the locations you wish to work in and the chance to negotiate your salary. Locum chiropractor jobs are available worldwide with a high number of opportunities within the United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland.

However, this level of freedom as a locum chiropractor requires you to be eternally well organized, making sure to stay on top of your schedule and incoming finances from one position to the next. Nevertheless, with each move you make, you will be required to effectively adapt to the different environments and members of staff.

As a locum chiropractor, you can expect to oversee a considerable number of patients, however, you’re far less likely to attend to the same patients repeatedly. Some locum chiropractors find this aspect of work exciting, but equally, it can be difficult to familiarize yourself with individual patient cases before having to move on again.

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