Chiropractic First

Chiropractic First Shanghai

Chiropractic First Group has been helping patients for almost twenty years with its origins in Singapore. Within that period it has grown to almost twenty clinics across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, United Kingdom and China. 

Chiropractic First Shanghai is a Joint Venture Operation with Chiropractic First Group and has been established in Shanghai since 2014. Since Chiropractic First Shanghai opened its debut clinic in 2014, the popularity and reputation has flourished, and as a result, now operates three clinics in affluent neighborhoods in Shanghai, serving the expat and high-end Chinese community. 

The clinics adopt a spinal structural correction philosophy and treatment protocol so the emphasis is in proving care to restore and maintain optimal spinal function.

With a successful chiropractic care and business model, all chiropractic associates with receive designated marketing and business development opportunities, alongside comprehensive training and on-going mentoring to help associates excel in personal, professional and business development. 

As a pioneer and forefront provider of chiropractic care in Shanghai, we are proud to have built a distinguished reputation amongst the affluent community in Shanghai, and therefore, associates are expected to receive salaries exceeding $100,000USD per annum, alongside substantial welfare benefits

We are excited to connect with candidates who are passionate and motivated to help continue building the chiropractic profession in Shanghai and China.