Revival Physical Medical Center

Revival Physical Medicine Centre was established in 2008 to cater to the diverse needs of a multitude of patients from various walks of life. Since November 2008, the facility has continued prestigious 7 years with an immense number of satisfied customers, who stands proof to Revival’s promising medical treatments.

In speaking of the dynamics of the organizational infrastructure, Revival Physical Medicine Centre is spearheaded by Dr. R. S. Jayatilake. In his role as founder Chairman and Director and Consultant Medical Oncologist at Oasis Private Hospital, he is ably supported by his Directors Jeevantha Jayatilake, a reputed lawyer and Rajni S. Jayatilake, who acts as CEO to the Revival Physical Medicine Centre.

Today, Revival Physical Medicine Centre homes a dynamic team of medical professionals with world-class training. Housed in a 4,200 sq. foot building to provide ample privacy, the facility delivers a very welcoming, child-friendly environment for its patients and visitors, furnished with state-of-the-art equipment in keeping with the highest global standards. All members of the team of therapists are experts in the fields of physical and sports medicine, while the supporting staff has also received professional training under foreign therapists, to aid you in a smooth recovery.